cartoon image of stressed brideWedding stress and the planning involved can become overwhelming for some couples, or more specifically, some brides, which is usually the case. And this stress can in some cases get so bad that they don’t actually enjoy their big day All the couples I work with, I offer whichever level of support they require.

Some are fine with just a meeting before the big day to discuss the timings and music, others prefer me to be a lot more involved in taking care of things on the day such as all of the introductions and coordinating things on the day, and some tap into my experience from performing at over 2,000 weddings and ask for help in planning the timeline and arranging entertainment throughout the day, and not just in the evening reception, which is the norm for so many weddings, as if wedding guests don’t want any entertainment prior to the evening reception!

Whichever level of assistance you prefer, just let me know. Anything I can do to reduce your stress I’ll gladly help with.

Additionally, from performing at so many weddings I also have established a great network of professional/creative/reputable wedding suppliers. So if you’re seeking any particular wedding supplier, you only have to ask.

image of bride on psychiatrist's bench