Authentic Wedding Speech Coaching

Give Your Wedding Speech Life and Excitement

Are you lost for words and don’t even know where to start?

Does the thought of speaking to a crowded room fill you with dread?

Are you worried you’ll let your loved ones down if you say the wrong thing?

I’m Tony Winyard, the Authentic Wedding Speech Coach.

In just a couple of coaching sessions I can help you to craft a speech that will hold everyone’s attention, give them a laugh, touch their hearts, and leave them wanting more.

Wedding speech coach

Wedding speeches can be a minefield. You have to find the right balance of personal stories and humour, as well as reflecting the importance of the big day and all the emotions surrounding it. And these days, as weddings have become less formal, more and more friends and family are contributing to the celebrations. It’s not just the groom, best man or father of the bride anymore – we all need to be prepared to say a few words.

So many of us are terrified of public speaking, especially in front of people we know. Having to capture the attention of a room full of people we don’t know is the stuff of nightmares too. But your fear can turn into excitement and anticipation when you know you have a wedding speech that will bring the house down.

I’ll help you to tailor your talk to make it amusing, as well as personal and heart-warming. When you learn to speak from a place of authenticity, you’ll find it easy to be confident and entertaining – and hit exactly the right note.

“Getting help with my wedding speech meant I actually looked forward to it.”

Robert - Father of the Bride

The worst speeches are the ones where they’ve decided to wing it. Or they go on for so long that the wedding guests start disappearing to the bar because they’ve lost the will to live. And speeches copied from the internet sound completely inauthentic. All of these lose the guests’ attention and spoil the celebrations for everyone.

In my work as a wedding DJ, I’ve seen thousands of wedding speeches – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so I have an expert eye for what works and what doesn’t. As a professional speaker, I share all the tricks of the trade to calm your nerves, feel confident and connect with your audience. And from my stand-up comedy gigs, I help you to expertly weave in humour, so even the most heartfelt speech can be effortlessly entertaining.

How does wedding speech coaching work?

We can work together face-to-face or online via Skype. It usually doesn’t take more than a couple of calls to clarify what’s needed in your speech, design an authentic talk that’s both entertaining and moving, and work with you on delivery and building confidence.

To craft your wedding speech, we’ll talk about

  • What feels authentic to you
  • Which stories hit the right note
  • How to structure your speech

To make sure you feel confident delivering it, we’ll work on

  • Calming your wedding speech nerves
  • Breathing and how to pace your speech
  • Engaging with your audience

Why me?

Weddings are at the heart of my business. I’ve been named UK Wedding DJ Of The Year, I’m a wedding MC and celebrant, and have performed at more than 2,000 weddings. That means I’ve heard every type of wedding speech there is, and now I have an instinct for it. The second someone starts speaking, I know if it’s going to work – or not. I’ll help you to make that crucial connection with wedding guests right off the bat.

As an award-winning speaker with accolades from the Professional Speakers Association and Toastmasters International, I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences and seminars around the world too, I have a tool-kit of tried and tested techniques that will help you to stay cool, calm and collected while you deliver your knock-out speech. And I know what touches people’s hearts. It’s authenticity all the way.

But my real superpower is humour. It relieves the tension for you and your audience and brings people together. Comedy is a finely nuanced skill, so I’ll work with you to make sure your jokes don’t fall flat and you always leave them laughing.

Ready to knock it out of the park with your wedding speech? Let’s get started.

All our sessions are recorded, so you can watch them again and again to pick up on any points you may have missed or review your progress as you practise your speech.

Took all the nerves away! Couldn’t have done it without Tony! Brilliant wedding speech tips! I really enjoyed doing it!

Jeff - Groom

Want to know how to write and deliver a wedding speech? Get in touch with Tony now to book a coaching session.


Online sessions are convenient if you have a busy schedule. They’re a great choice if the big day is looming and you’re running out of time to finish your speech.

Or you may prefer to work face-to-face to concentrate more on practising your delivery in person. I’m based in Bushey, Hertfordshire, where our in-person sessions will take place and I also have many face to face sessions in central London. If you’d like me to meet you at a different location, we can discuss travel expenses.


£8090 minutes
  • Includes a recording of your session


£12090 minutes
  • Includes an audio recording of your session so you can listen back to it

Your ideal wedding speech is just an email away.

I was pretty sure that I could just ad-lib a speech but as the wedding approached I started to get more and more anxious about it and contacted Tony just 8 days before the wedding. He came to my office in the City just two days later and helped me create a first-class speech which I took all the glory for at the wedding!

Oliver - Best Man

I am so glad that Tony persuaded me to give a speech at my wedding. I was quite reluctant but he helped me write it and calmed my nerves when we rehearsed delivering it to the point where I felt comfortable.

When I delivered it at the wedding it could not have gone better and the guests gave me so much applause it moved me to tears.

Thank you Tony. If you need a wedding speech coach he is your man!

Sarah - Bride

Meanwhile here are a few tips that may help