Wedding Speech Coach

“Getting help with my wedding speech meant I actually looked forward to it!”

Took all the nerves away! Couldn’t have done it without him! Brilliant wedding speech tips! I really enjoyed doing it!

Wedding speeches are often a joyous and emotional part of any wedding celebration. And these days not only are they delivered by the best man, groom or father of the bride, chances are the bride, the mother of the bride and grown-up children or stepchildren are as likely to say a few words too.

But being asked to make a wedding speech can feel like a daunting task. It pays to be prepared. As someone who’s experienced in public speaking, stand-up and improv, Tony knows what it takes to engage an audience. He can help you with writing your speech, delivering your speech and controlling your nerves.

He can help you deliver a speech that follows wedding speech etiquette or is quirky and off the wall, but most importantly keeps your guests entertained and amused.

“As a wedding speech coach, I can give you all the tricks of the trade, so you can deliver your wedding speech with confidence. I’ll help you craft a speech that hits the right notes, is in your own words and sounds authentic. We can talk about body language and eye contact too and how to inject the kind of humour into your speech that everyone enjoys.” – Tony Winyard

Wedding speech coach

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“I’ve heard some great wedding speeches in my time and some terrible ones. The worst speeches are from people who have decided to wing it on the day. Never advisable. Or the groom that spoke for 75 minutes. By the end, half the room was in the bar! Or the best man that copied a speech from the internet. It sounded completely inauthentic. I remember working with one groom who was so terrified of delivering his wedding speech, it was starting to overshadow the whole wedding planning experience. So he hired me as a wedding speech coach. I helped him shape his wedding speech, so it sounded like him, and we talked about breathing, the speed of delivery and when to pause. He then practised his speech in front of a mirror and even recorded himself on his phone and played it back. When he delivered his speech on his wedding day it was authentic, sincere and full of emotion, and had everyone in tears!” – Tony Winyard

Costs are £60 for a 90 minute Skype call, £100 for a face to face 90 minute session within 30 miles of postcode WD23.

Travel expenses will be added for distances greater than 30 miles.

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