Have you ever been to a wedding that was a bit boring? It was just dragging on?

There are lots of ways to make weddings exciting, and during a wedding breakfast one of the things you can do is have some special introductions for your wedding party. Such as your bridesmaids, your best man, your usher’s and so on.

To give you an example, a wedding I did a few months ago. There were four bridesmaids, a couple of usher’s and there were two best men. It just happened that one of the bridesmaids was arrested on the hen night for something really trivial. She wasn’t put in prison or anything, but it was quite funny for everyone else that she was arrested. Well two of the ushers happened to be policemen! So the way that we did this wedding introduction; we had one of the ushers, and then the girl that was arrested in the middle who was a bridesmaid, and then the other usher. The 3 of them came in together, and I did a short little introduction about each of them. For the 2 policemen I just mentioned they were policemen and something humorous, like their nicknames, and where they went to school, and obviously for the girl in the middle I talked about when she got arrested on the hen night. As the 3 of them walked in I played a piece of music for them to walk into the room. It was the song Woop Woop, Da Sound of Da Police (KRS1) and everyone was just killing themselves with laughter, because she was in the middle of 2 policemen.

There are lots of ways that you can make the wedding-breakfast much more entertaining, much more energetic and have a bit of fun, and let everyone know who these people are. Because at most weddings people go through the whole wedding not knowing anything about the ushers and the bridesmaids. They might know a little bit about the best man because he does a speech. But let’s give these people some recognition. They’re important. You wouldn’t have chosen them if they weren’t important to you.

That’s one great way of making your wedding more exciting and in creating great energy.