The Wedding Host and The Master of Ceremonies!

Do you require a Master of Ceremonies for your wedding? Several times couples have said to me that the groom’s brother will be the MC or the bride’s uncle, etc. On the day they introduced the speeches, and that was it.

The Wedding Host

The difference between a good movie and a poor one is often the quality of the director. This is the same for a wedding. The Master of Ceremonies is the director of the wedding and when the role is carried out effectively most of what is done is unseen, especially by the guests.

What the guests see is a day that flows so smoothly the guests have a great time, but could not put their finger on why and many will realise they’ve never been to a wedding like this and give all the credit to the bride and groom, which is exactly the desired result.

It’s not about anyone giving credit to the MC, it’s about your guests recognising that this is a great wedding but they can’t figure out why. That’s the magic of a good MC doing all the work behind the scenes, helping the day run to time and run smoothly with seamless transitions between all the difference parts of the day.

The role of the director is to make the stars look amazing and the stars of the show are you.

The Master of Ceremonies is the talented spokesperson for a weddingwedding host and master of ceremonies

They will be on the microphone in front of your friends and family and everything they say and the way they say it will reflect on you to your friends and family.

They should have the skill and talent, but also the polish, personality and attitude to serve in that prestigious position as it can make a huge difference to the outcome of the day.

A good MC will regularly undertake training in many of the performing arts such as public speaking, acting, comedy, improvisation – skills that expand on their talent and capabilities, to make the day smooth and efficient but also fun and fabulous.

But what does all this have to do with a wedding host and what on earth is a wedding host?

Most people associate a Master of Ceremonies with a Toastmaster wearing a red coat and many couples I speak with state they do not want their wedding to have that level of formality and want it to be more fun.

A Wedding Host is a fusion between a Master of Ceremonies and a DJ, taking the best parts of both roles and directing the wedding in a fun way that keeps the day running smoothly, to time but in a relaxed and informal way often incorporating music into good effect into various aspects of the role. However, 99.9% of the public are not yet familiar with the phrase “Wedding Host” and so I and others that carry out this role will also use the term Master of Ceremonies as it is one people are familiar with.

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