Wedding DJ equipment setup

Another in the series of the questions asked during the meetings I have with couples when talking about their wedding.

It takes me under an hour to set up all the sound & lighting equipment, and I will usually arrive at the venue just over an hour and a half before the start time. If that’s not early enough, you always have the option of an early set up.

Tony Winyard Entertainment equipmentSometimes, because of limited space at the venue, the only time the DJ can set-up is when the room is “turned around”. This is when the tables are cleared, they clean floors etc, after the Wedding Breakfast (often after the speeches).

At most venues this takes around one hour. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the DJ has an hour to set up, because the DJ can not begin setting up, until the venue staff has cleared and cleaned the specific part of the room where he will set-up, and in some venues this may not be done until 1/2 an hour after they started turning the room around.

If you have a very limited time window for me to set up, I can have the sound ready in around 30 minutes.


At most of the weddings I have done over the last year or so, I’ve usually set-up before any of the guests arrive for the ceremony/wedding breakfast, and then played background music during the day, at a volume that hasn’t disturbed conversation at all, but created a warmer atmosphere.

This also makes it far easier to use my wireless microphone for the wedding speeches, which means a much higher quality microphone and speakers than that installed at 95% of venues, meaning it is easier to clearly hear the speeches around the room.