wedding celebrant and master of ceremoniesMany moons ago I was a simple wedding DJ! Many people would say that I’m still pretty simple but hopefully they’d at least concede that I’m now more than just a simple wedding DJ.

Not quite as many moons ago I started to take an interest in being a Master of Ceremonies which came about partly from often being asked to provide background music at many weddings during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. After a while I started realising that far too often the wedding breakfast there was very little fun going on and that apart from the speeches not much laughter either.

So gradually during some weddings I suggested different activities to the bride and groom that could raise the energy slightly and every time this helped in a number of ways.

  1. They’d get the guests laughing
  2. This helped with the ice breaking between the families and different groups of friends
  3. It helped me create a rapport with the guests, which helped make the evening reception go even better.

These activities differed from playing versions of The Mr & Mrs Game, introducing the bride and groom into the room in a fun way and/or introducing some of the wedding party members into the room in not only a fun way but also letting everyone know who they were, as so often at weddings guests can go through the whole day knowing virtually nothing, not even the names of some of the wedding party!

For a few years now I’ve offered my couples lots of different options for elements they can include to create some fun that fits with their style and type of mood they wish to have and it’s now unusual if there’s not lots of laughing and smiling faces at the vast majority of the weddings I’m involved with. It’s funny how many couples use the word “Toastmaster” to describe what I do when they send me testimonials after the wedding and this is often because it’s the only phrase many people know for that role as I am looking after many of the same things that a Toastmaster would do but I carry out in a far less formal way and not wearing the formal wear they do, so a sort of “Modern Toastmaster”.

However there was one very important section of the day where this wasn’t happening and that was the ceremony. I’ve been asked to provide the music at over 700 ceremonies in town halls, registry offices, marquees and wedding venues. Plus even outside in a forest, on a beach and other non-traditional locations. At the vast majority of these ceremonies it was all very formal. They were nearly all beautiful occasions and often happy tears but rarely fun. There were exceptions though and every now and then I would witness a celebrant that did things differently and who were able to touch the heart strings just as much as the others I’d seen but that would also generate laughter and far more smiles and this ALWAYS resulted in a much better atmosphere, not just during the ceremony but which carried through to the drinks reception and wedding breakfast.

wedding celebrant and master of ceremoniesUnfortunately it was far too rarely that I witnessed such wedding celebrants and it became frustrating, because for most couples I work with, I usually meet with them on at least two occasions sometimes more and have started to get to know and like them by the time of the wedding day and now that I knew how good their ceremonies COULD be it was disappointing that they hardly ever were, even more so for the couples who I knew were a lot of fun.


It was after being at one particularly formal ceremony for a couple that were a riot that I made the decision to look into becoming trained as an celebrant so that I could offer couples something different. And that’s what I did. I took a course with Civil Ceremonies Ltd and qualified as not only a celebrant for weddings but also for Naming Ceremonies for children (for those not familiar with this the simplest explanation is a non-religious christening!).

Tony Winyard Wedding CelebrantI have started to receive a few bookings as a celebrant for weddings in 2017 & 2018 from couples wanting their ceremonies to be a little more fun and from some that wish me to also be the Master of Ceremonies/Toastmaster during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast and I can’t wait to start helping my couples have really fun weddings right from the word go!

As for the DJ’ing? When I’m booked as the celebrant and MC I will not also be the DJ, there are exceptions as two couples have insisted on me doing all three activities but generally I will be booked as either the Celebrant & MC, or the MC & DJ.

If you’d like to meet with me to chat about being the celebrant and/or MC for your wedding please do get in touch by email or give me a call on 0777 189 4560