Client TestimonialsWhen some people send email enquiries I’m occasionally asked about client testimonials, and there is a section on my website that contains lots of client testimonials. I also now have video client testimonials that can be viewed. The first video has been uploaded, and is available in either 4 separate parts, or as the full length 10 minute video.

This is the first of a few that will be available on the site soon to view. It enables prospective clients to really get a feel of what previous clients have thought about the service I provided them with. From the music, to the customer service, to performance and more.

Here are the links for the 5 video clips:

Video Client Testimonial part 1 Why they chose Anthony Winyard Entertainment.

Video Client Testimonial part 2 Did they have peace of mind.

Video Client Testimonial part 3 How was the music.

Video Client Testimonial part 4 Did they feel they received value for the money spent.

Video Client Testimonial full unedited (about 10 mins long)