Top Foreign Wedding Destinations

Top Foreign Wedding DestinationsFor many couples, getting married in the UK is hugely unappealing. And with about one in four couples tying the knot abroad, destination weddings are undeniably popular. If you are dreaming of saying your vows on foreign shores, here are some pointers to help with choosing your top foreign wedding destination.

Consider emotional attachments

Do you and your husband or wife-to-be have a shared emotional attachment to a particular country? Perhaps you met while on holiday, or got engaged abroad? If there is a special place in your heart for one destination over all others, this could be the perfect place to spend your wedding day.

Look at the bigger picture

Top Foreign Wedding DestinationsGetting married abroad isn’t just about the wedding day itself. Most couples will spend time before and after the wedding at their chosen destination, so make sure there are things to do that will keep you happy, relaxed, and occupied. From scuba diving to trekking or simply reading on the beach, your destination should appeal to your sense of pleasure.

Cater for your guests

While your wedding destination is entirely up to you and your fiancé, your guests should be a consideration. If you want your elderly grandparents to attend, think about whether they could endure the journey. If kids will be among your guests, make sure there is adequate family-friendly entertainment. And if you can’t bear the thought of a small wedding, choose somewhere that will be affordable for most of your guests.

Timing is everything

Top Foreign Wedding DestinationsWhile you may have the best chance of UK sunshine during July and August, this may not be the case at your chosen destination. When it comes to climate, cost and availability, timing is everything – so be prepared to be flexible and move your wedding dates if need be.

Packages vs DIY weddings

With such a high demand for foreign weddings, travel companies and hotels have responded by providing packages for your nuptials. If you prefer to arrange everything with one contact and one clear price, this may be preferable – especially if you want to get married in an established wedding destination. But if you’re looking for something entirely different, there are plenty of hidden gems to be discovered with a DIY approach. Scour the internet for alternative wedding venues, find quirky modes of travel, and book your accommodation with an independent hotel, glamping site or family-run B&B.

Book entertainment from home

Top Foreign Wedding DestinationsWedding entertainment really can make or break a wedding. If you don’t want to run the risk of booking a poor quality covers band or inexperienced DJ, remember that many wedding entertainment professionals will be happy to go abroad for your big day. If you have your sights set on particular wedding entertainment, don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask if they will travel.

I personally have experience of performing at weddings in many countries, including France, Indonesia, Italy and Norway, so please get in touch if you would like me to DJ at your big day overseas.