Throwing the bouquet yes or no?

Sometimes brides are not sure about throwing the bouquet. They often say to me “Oh, all my friends are married so there’s no point in throwing the bouquet. There’s only gonna be 2 girls who aren’t married”. But they do want to do something, but they don’t actually want to throw the bouquet. Sometimes brides throw a substitute bouquet or something else. But there are many variations you could do. At one wedding last year the bride said “All my friends are married but I do want to have a bit of fun at that moment.” So what we ended up doing was throwing a bottle of champagne! But the way we threw the champagne, it was a really nice bottle; in a box, put some bubble wrap around it.

I see throwing the bouquet almost every week at weddings but I’ve never seen girls diving like this! It was hilarious. Because it was a really nice bottle of champagne.

It was just another touch to have a bit of fun during the day. So if you’re thinking about throwing the bouquet, but you don’t actually want to throw THE bouquet, that’s an option that you could do.