How to Throw the Ultimate New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is a bit like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. If you’re tasked with the job of organising this year’s office party, or fancy arranging a bash for your friends and family, here are some top tips to help you embrace the celebrations and throw the ultimate New Year’s Eve party this year.

The theme: try something differentgatsby party

Surprise your guests with something different to the traditional sparkles and glitter this year. Theming your party will allow you to be inventive and tie together your decor, refreshments, and music. Among this year’s popular themes, vintage is a strong contender: why not take your guests back through the decades for an elegant 1920’s flapper affair, or a secretive prohibition party? If vintage is not your style, propel your guests forward through time and space with a futuristic function.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to decorate your home or venue. Simple decorations can be hand-crafted from paper, fabric scraps, and even recycled and pre-loved materials. If you’re up for the challenge of creating your own, enlist your colleagues or family and friends and host a craftsy get-together before the big night.

Refreshments: be experimental

An essential part of any party, keeping your guests fed and watered throughout the night will ensure they’re still awake at midnight. While sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple are firm party favourites, give your guests something to talk about by being creative with your finger food, canapes, and appetisers. If you’re strapped for time, ask friends or colleagues to bring along a platter of their choice to add variety to the menu.

bubblyOne of the most celebrated occasions worldwide, a New Year’s Eve party certainly isn’t complete without drinks. To ensure that you’re not tied up playing bartender all night, supply a range of bottles and fruit punch for your guests to help themselves, making sure to clearly identify non-alcoholic beverages from the rest. Save your best bubbly to pop open at midnight and greet the new year in style.

Party playlist

What kind of music playlist will you compile this year? Background music is a great way to relax your guests and make them feel welcome when they arrive. Craft your playlist carefully, and make sure you have plenty of tracks to cover the entire evening: there’s nothing like a quiet, awkward room of strangers to heighten the tension. If your party needs livening towards midnight, don’t be afraid to throw some classic pop into the mix. While they may seem a cheesy option, the classics are guaranteed to get everyone singing and dancing.

Most importantly…

If you’re party’s in full swing and everyone in high spirits, set yourself an alarm for ten minutes to midnight to ensure that you don’t miss the highlight of the night: the New Year’s countdown. Encourage everyone to partake in the countdown with poppers and streamers at the ready, and see the new year in with a bang. Three…two…one.