International wedding DJ

Over the last 20 years I have DJed at weddings in various countries around the world including France, Spain, Indonesia, Switzerland, Syria and Italy, and am familiar with the differences between DJing at a wedding in England and some things that a DJ will encounter when working in a different country, but what is the benefit to a bride and groom that are looking to hire a DJ for their wedding abroad?

Villard de Lans

Recent wedding at the Hotel Grand de Paris in The Alps

If your wedding guests originate from many countries, then having an international wedding DJ familiar to audiences other than just their own native country is more likely to keep all your guests happy and having a good night. There are many songs for example huge in England at many weddings, that do not work at all in some other countries, and a DJ that hasn’t experienced working abroad won’t know that, and risks ‘losing the dancefloor’ much more than they may be used to. So it’s not just a case of being familiar with say French music for a wedding in France, or Italian music if there are many Italian guests, but it’s also about (as with any wedding) knowing what not to play.

Mood lighting at the Grand Hotel de Paris

Mood lighting at the Grand Hotel de Paris; something the hotel management and staff had never seen before from a DJ!

Recently I’ve been receiving more and more enquiries from couples that will have their weddings in France and Italy, and often either the bride or groom originates from the country where the wedding will take place. Two such enquiries both interviewed a few local DJs but didn’t feel comfortable that the local DJ would deliver what they were looking for, for ALL of their guests, and that the DJ could only keep their own countrymen happy, and so both couples hired someone with experience at working with a few different nationalities.

Another problem that some couples can face is that mobile DJs can be very difficult to find in many countries around Europe and finding a DJ that not only has the correct music knowledge but also has suitable sound & lighting equipment to cater for the number of guests at the wedding. I am familiar with driving my van and complete sound & lighting equipment through Europe to the venue, and with the aid of my trusty sat-nav, it’s been as easy as finding a venue in a town a few miles down the road, so if you’re seeking a DJ for your wedding abroad, please get in touch.