Have you ever been to a boring wedding?

Sometimes the reason that weddings are boring is because there’s nothing going on to involve people and to get people laughing.

During the wedding breakfast one of the ways you can make it a bit more exciting and create some energy is by having The Love Story. So the way I do The Love Story is I find out some information from the bride, and I find out some information from the groom. The groom doesn’t know what the bride’s told me, and the bride doesn’t know what the groom’s told me. From that I create a script, and I deliver the story during the wedding breakfast. It can’t be just sentimental, because that could be a bit sickly, on the other hand it’s not appropriate for it to be a comedy routine either. It’s a mixture of both. There’s some nice sentimental moments, getting people saying “ah”, and there’s some really funny moments that get people rolling around.

I deliver the story and I’m letting everyone know “the reason you’re all here today is because of this fabulous story of this couple”!

So if you’re looking for ways to make your wedding breakfast more entertaining, creating an energy, which makes the rest of the day go off with a bang. Then why not have The Love Story for your wedding day.