The Last Dance

You’ve had a fantastic day. The weather, conversation, food have all been perfect, you’ve had lots of fun, you and your guests have now been dancing and laughing all night. How do you now end the night? And how on earth are you going to say goodbye to all of your guests that are still here! It seems hardly anyone has left- they’ve been having too much fun!

There is a way that you can combine all of that; i.e. have a fun end to the night and also say goodbye to everyone in the room at the same time!

Wedding Circle

Wedding Circle

Have a friendship circle (also known as a circle of love or wedding circle). The way it works? Your DJ makes an announcement asking everyone in the room to form a huge circle in the middle of the dancefloor, with everyone either holding hands or arms around the person either side of them. The bride and bridegroom then go around everyone in the circle saying goodbye to each of them and a quick hug and chat with every person in the room. The DJ meanwhile plays a lively song that gets everyone dancing and singing (at the end of the night most people love to have a good singsong!).

It works best though if the bride and groom start at one point in the circle and then go in opposite directions. The reason is that when they both go around the circle together, the circle quickly disintegrates, whereas when the bride goes in one direction and the groom goes in the opposite direction the circle stays together. They’ll then pass each other at one point and meet back at the starting point, although they won’t necessarily arrive back at the same time!

I’ve found that by doing it this way the circle doesn’t disintegrate and everyone gets an opportunity to have a hug and say goodbye to both the bride and groom and have a good singsong at the same time and is always a great way to end a great day.

Alternative options to end the night.

The Wedding Arch: Is where your guests make two lines facing each other with their arms raised forming an arch, usually from the dancefloor towards the exit doors. The bride and groom then walk slowly through this arch saying goodbye to every person before they leave. Traditionally, the bride and bridegrooms parents will be the first 2 couples in the arch, followed by the best man, chief bridesmaid and other members of the bridal party. Once the bride and groom have passed by the first parents, the parents then follow them through the arch, then followed by the bridal party, until you have everyone following the bride and groom through the arch and out of the room to wish them farewell.
This works best if the bride and groom will leave the reception before the end of the night, but doesn’t work so well when that’s not the case.

Some people though will have a slow/romantic song to end the night, which is sometimes the first dance played again. This is a less lively ending for the whole crowd but a more personal ending for the bride and groom and after-all it is their day.