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Making Milestones Memorable with Music

Looking for the best Birthday Party DJ and MC? Tony Winyard Entertainment offers award-winning services to make your birthday celebration truly unforgettable. With over 25 years of experience as a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies, Tony brings a perfect blend of fun and professionalism to every event. From personalised music playlists to engaging interactive games, Tony Winyard Entertainment ensures your birthday party is a seamless and memorable experience for all your guests.

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Why Choose Me

Welcome to The Birthday Bash – where I turn your milestone celebrations into unforgettable musical journeys. Specialising in 50th and 60th birthday parties, I bring the soundtrack of your life to Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey. Let’s make your special day a memorable bash with the perfect blend of classic hits and timeless tunes. Celebrate your golden moments with The Birthday Bash, I don’t just play music, I create memories!

I understand that a 50th or 60th birthday is a significant milestone, and I’m here to make it unforgettable. I’m not only skilled at my craft but also excel in understanding the crowd and creating an atmosphere that gets everyone on the dance floor. I’m committed to making your birthday bash a hit!



Don’t just take my word for it – hear from satisfied clients who have celebrated their milestone birthdays with me. Check out the testimonials section to see how I’ve turned their parties into memorable musical experiences.

Mary Andrews CEO
My 50th birthday at the Henry Moore Foundation was an unforgettable experience, all thanks to the exceptional entertainment provided by Tony Winyard!...
Mary Andrews CEO
Mary Wilson
Celebrating my 60th couldn't have been better; Tony Winyard Entertainment made it a night to remember...
Michael Brown
Jim Mcdonald
Tony transformed my soul-themed 50th birthday party at The Trout at Tadpole Bridge into an extraordinary celebration that we all loved...
Jim Mcdonald
Jim Mcdonald
Marketing Manager

About Me

Tony Winyard, the man behind The Birthday Bash, is one of the most seasoned DJs in the UK.

Tony Winyard - entertainment

 His journey in the world of music began at the tender age of 9, and since then, his passion for music has taken him around the globe. From spinning tracks in underground clubs in London during the vibrant beginnings of house and hip-hop in the mid-80s, to working in exotic locations such as Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Indonesia, Norway, Holland, South Korea, and Finland, Tony’s DJ career spans over 12 years of international experience.

As a radio presenter, Tony has had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of A-list celebrities, including the likes of Bon Jovi, Cindy Crawford, Take That, George Benson, Steven Seagal, and UB40, to name a few. His charisma and ability to engage with people extend beyond the DJ booth, making him a natural when it comes to hosting and entertaining.

Tony’s vast and eclectic music collection is a testament to his deep-rooted love for music. His expertise in mixing tracks and his proficiency on the mic have seen him perform at thousands of events across England, earning him the title of UK Wedding DJ of the Year.

In addition to his DJ skills, Tony also excels as a Master of Ceremonies, bringing a unique blend of energy and professionalism to every event. With The Birthday Bash, Tony brings his wealth of experience to your milestone celebration, ensuring an unforgettable musical journey.

Ready to plan your Birthday Bash? I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to me with your party details, and let’s start planning the soundtrack to your special day.

Remember, at The Birthday Bash, we’re not just playing music – we’re spinning memories!

If you’d like to schedule a zoom call with me use this link


1. What services does The Birthday Bash offer?

The Birthday Bash specialises in providing DJ services for 50th and 60th birthday parties. My services include music curation, DJ performance, and Master of Ceremonies services.

2. Where are you located and what areas do you serve?

I am from London but living in Hampshire. Most of my events are in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey but also cover nearby areas.

3. Who will be the DJ for my event?

Your event will be handled by Tony Winyard, one of the most experienced DJs in the UK and a former winner of the UK Wedding DJ of the Year.

4. What kind of music do you play?

I have a vast and eclectic music collection, and am skilled at curating playlists that resonate with the life journey of the celebrant. Whether you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, soul, house, reggae, rap, new wave, punk, indie, or Motown and the swinging sixties, I’ve got your musical tastes covered.

5. How can I book The Birthday Bash for my event?

You can book my services by reaching out through the contact form on this website, or by calling directly. I recommend booking as early as possible to secure your date.

6. What information do you need from me to plan the music for my event?

I typically ask for your music preferences, any specific songs you would like to be played, the genres/artists you don’t want to hear, and the overall vibe you want for your event. This helps me curate the perfect playlist for your birthday bash.

7. Do you provide equipment for the event?

Yes, I provide all the necessary sound & lighting DJ equipment for your event. All you need to provide is a space for me to set up.

8. Can my guests request songs during the event?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to accommodate song requests during the event.

9. What are your rates?

For events in The Cotswolds my standard fee is usually £800. The fee may be higher if additional equipment is required and/or for travel of over 50 miles.

10. Do you only play music or is there more to your service?

At The Birthday Bash, I believe in creating a complete entertainment experience. While music is at the heart of what I do, my services extend beyond just playing tracks. I am experienced in providing a range of games and interactive activities to entertain guests before the dancing kicks off. This ensures that there’s never a dull moment at your party and that all your guests feel included and engaged from start to finish.