Terms & Conditions

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  1. All bookings are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Hire. By signing an Agreement, you are entering into a contract with Anthony Winyard Entertainment, and are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Anthony Winyard will make every reasonable effort to replace Service or engagement with one of similar price and quality.
  2. The fee and all the relevant details for the event will be stated on the contract. These will comprise of the details given at the time of the booking. Please inform me urgently if there are any errors.
  3. A booking is only confirmed by Anthony Winyard once I am in receipt of the returned Agreement, signed by the Client, together with the retainer fee. Until such time as this condition has been met, the booking will be treated as an enquiry only and Anthony Winyard reserves the right to accept an alternative booking without notification.
  4. Anthony Winyard will be holding this date exclusively for you from the agreement date and therefore will continue to turn away all other work for the event. The potential loss of work is real and tangible, and so cancellation fees will be charged.
  5. The terms of the Agreement do not allow for cancellation other than by mutual consent of all parties and confirmed in writing. Anthony Winyard will charge the following fees should a cancellation occur:
    1. Within 60 days of the event: The full agreed fee.
    2. Within 90 days of the event: 50% of the full agreed fee.
    3. Within 120 days of the event: 25% of the full agreed fee.

    The retainer fee will not be returned under any circumstances. Cancellations are not accepted by e-mail or telephone, only in writing. Once we have received your notice of cancellation, I will confirm this to you via return letter. If you do not receive this letter within 48 hours, do not assume that your event has been cancelled. Anthony Winyard reserves the right to levy a charge of up to 15% (+ VAT where applicable) of the agreed fee against the cancelling party, to cover the additional expenses involved in the said cancellation. This is in addition to any amounts that may be payable by either party under the terms of the said contract.

  6. The balance of the total fee (less the retainer fee and other payments made) can be made by sending a cheque to Anthony Winyard 14 days prior to the event date payable to A. Winyard or can also be made in CASH on the day of performance before any entertainment is due to begin.
  7. It is The Clients’ legal responsibility to comply with and ensure that current Health & Safety regulations are in place and any place of performance is fit for the use intended. A safe electrical supply must be provided. All outside situations (Marquees/Outbuildings) must be dry, undercover and made safe for electrical use and insulated from the ground. A separate sheet regarding my electrical requirements for Marquees will be made available at the time of booking.
  8. Smoke machines can only be used with the prior written consent of the venue management.
  9. A minimum clear floor space is required of 3 metres x 2 metres with a head height of 3 metres. A minimum of 2 x 13 amp power sockets must be available within 5 metres of the set up area. If other additional entertainment is booked, adequate floor space must be available for all the performers and changing facilities provided if required.
  10. A minimum of 1 hour is required for rigging and a further hour to dismantle and load the equipment into my vehicle. This must be taken into account when planning any arrangements.
  11. In the unlikely event of I being unable to perform due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or any other emergency, I will endeavour to arrange for a suitable Artiste/Service with similar equipment and experience to cover the performance for the same price.
  12. The Client realises that whilst I have excellent Artiste/Service backup in place, and every reasonable safeguard is assured, the breakdown of any electrical equipment can be an unavoidable occurrence and is often outside of my control. I will however make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation. In the extremely unlikely occurrence of a non-performance, or if a total failure occurs, The Client will be refunded in full. In this situation, this will be the full extent of my liability.
  13. The Client is responsible for the conduct of all persons attending the event whether those persons are invited or not. I do not take any responsibility for controlling rowdy behaviour, or ejecting unwanted persons from the venue. Anthony Winyard Entertainment and its Artistes/Services have the right to perform in a safe environment. We reserve the right to terminate the performance should any physical/verbal abuse or intimidating actions be made to the Artiste/Service, Venue, Staff or any of those persons present at the event. Under these circumstances no refund will be given. Anthony Winyard Entertainment and its Artistes/Services also reserve the right to terminate the performance should our equipments’ safety be compromised in any way.
  14. No other persons or performers may use any of the equipment provided other than by prior consent of the Artiste/Service.
  15. If performance time is requested in excess of that agreed on the contract this will be at my discretion and subject to additional fees charged with 1 hour being the minimum charging period. The fee for additional time will be stated on the contract. Any additional fees must be paid in cash in advance of the extra services being performed. All requests for additional playing time must be cleared with the Venue management team beforehand.
  16. Agreements are made separately for each booking, and there is no requirement for me to accept any booking offered. I can therefore end the relationship by simply not accepting any further bookings.
  17. Any delayed set up time and subsequent delayed start time due to the overrun of any prior proceeding, or of situations outside of my control will not warrant any extension of the stated finishing time or any fee reduction. Such situations may include, but are not limited to, poor access, room clearing and dancefloor preparation.