The Best Wedding DJ!


Recently I met with a couple to discuss their wedding day and for them to possibly book my [...]

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Enjoy what you do


This article follows on from “The Public Perception of DJs” and focuses on the actual enjoyment of DJ’ing. [...]

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Destroy It Yourself!


The following is a blog post from a DJ in the USA who kindly gave me permission to [...]

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A World of experience!


Last weekend I DJ’ed at a wedding of an Italian bride and French groom at The Caledonian club [...]

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In answer to requests about Demo CDs


Sometimes prospective clients ask me if I’m able to send them a demo CD. I have never produced them [...]

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Pembroke Lodge I DJ’ed a wedding last night at the fabulous Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, a [...]


Wedding music and the public perception of DJs


if you were to do a random poll and ask people their opinion of club DJs versus Wedding DJs the majority would likely state that they felt that club DJs were the most skilled while Wedding DJs conjured up an image of someone playing Abba and Agadoo all night; the reality is often somewhat different...

Wedding music and the public perception of DJs2017-02-27T14:42:40+01:00