Has your wedding venue insisted you use their recommended DJ?


Has your wedding venue insisted you use their recommended DJ? One of the unfortunate aspects of wedding planning is that sometimes the couple can get bullied into doing things they’d rather not by suppliers, and some venues are guilty of this also. There are still venues around that insist [...]

Has your wedding venue insisted you use their recommended DJ?2017-03-01T11:16:45+01:00

Congratulations on your engagement!


Over the past couples of weeks I have been receiving a lot of enquiries from couples that became [...]

Congratulations on your engagement!2017-02-27T14:34:45+01:00

The Urbane International Wedding DJ


International wedding DJ Over the last 20 years I have now DJed at quite a few weddings in [...]

The Urbane International Wedding DJ2017-02-27T15:53:33+01:00

The value of a wedding DJ


When two people get engaged and then begin planning a wedding it can at first seem extremely daunting, [...]

The value of a wedding DJ2017-02-27T15:22:08+01:00

Music for the wedding Ceremony


Music For The Wedding Ceremony. Some of the most popular pieces of music for the Wedding Ceremony are: [...]

Music for the wedding Ceremony2017-02-27T15:28:36+01:00

I don’t wanna dance!


The First Dance; from none at all to a choreographed routine!

I don’t wanna dance!2017-02-27T14:40:11+01:00

Wedding music and the public perception of DJs


if you were to do a random poll and ask people their opinion of club DJs versus Wedding DJs the majority would likely state that they felt that club DJs were the most skilled while Wedding DJs conjured up an image of someone playing Abba and Agadoo all night; the reality is often somewhat different...

Wedding music and the public perception of DJs2017-02-27T14:42:40+01:00

Around the corner and far away!


Weddings near and far - From Harrow and Wimbledon to Cornwall. Soaking up the sunshine on the Cornish Riviera and dealing with dreaded sound limiters in SW London.

Around the corner and far away!2017-02-27T13:32:10+01:00

In the beginning…


My first venture into the stormy waters of blogdom and hoping that I make it out alive! Time [...]

In the beginning…2017-02-27T13:32:03+01:00