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Welcome to Tony Winyard Entertainment, where we turn your wedding dreams into a rip-roaring reality! My packages are more than just a service – they're a ticket to an unforgettable experience, crafted with over two decades of merrymaking mastery.

Forget the snooze-fest of typical wedding playlists. My tunes are hand-picked to get everyone, from your teenage cousin to your groovy grandma, busting moves on the dance floor.

Imagine a director for your wedding day, but cooler. I keep the show running smoothly, sans the bellowing and stuffiness of a traditional toastmaster. No awkward silences or wondering what’s next – just seamless fun.

I sneak in like a musical ninja, setting up without being a photo bomber. My sounds create the perfect backdrop, enhancing the mood without drowning out the chit-chat.

Whether you’re tying the knot again with the wisdom of years or celebrating love in all its beautiful forms, I’ve got the beats to match. My expertise in mature and LGBTQ weddings ensures a bash that’s lively, inclusive, and tailored to your unique style.

I adapt to you – whether you’re the life of the party or prefer a low-key vibe. It’s your day, your way, with a sprinkle of my magic. Ready to dance the night away? Let’s make memories that will have your guests raving for years!

As your Master of Ceremonies, consider me the maestro of your event, ensuring everything ticks along on schedule with the finesse of a Toastmaster, sans the need to raise my voice at your guests – because that's just not my style! You won't catch anyone twiddling their thumbs, wondering what's up next. I'm all about keeping the crowd in the loop, delivering updates with a friendly touch, and smoothly guiding you from one highlight to the next, making sure every moment flows effortlessly.


With over 25 years of spinning tunes across the globe, I bring a wealth of DJ experience and musical savvy to your wedding. This extensive history in the DJ booth is why I was crowned the UK Wedding DJ of the Year.

My music library is a treasure trove of diverse and captivating tracks, perfectly tailored to charm everyone from energetic teens to the more refined tastes of your grandparents.

My DJ style is all about letting the music speak for itself. I have a keen ability to read the room, selecting just the right tunes to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

My background as an international club DJ has honed my skills in seamlessly blending tracks, ensuring a smooth flow without the need to interrupt with chatter, unlike your typical wedding DJ.

This approach guarantees a reception that's not just a celebration, but a musical journey tailored just for you.

"Tony was a fab DJ - the music was exactly as requested and well thought of! His music was the perfect mix to get all our family and friends up dancing and singing and enjoying music together"


John & Angie

Master of Ceremonies

As a seasoned Master of Ceremonies with a flair for wedding celebrations, I bring elegance, romance, and a dash of sheer fun to your special day. Trained in the art of hosting, my approach blends classic MC duties with a modern twist, ensuring a lively and less formal atmosphere.

I collaborate closely with venue staff and suppliers, ensuring seamless coordination. From the ceremonial cake cutting to introducing the newlyweds and speakers, every moment is crafted for engagement and enjoyment. My goal is to keep guests informed and involved, sprinkling interactive elements throughout the event. And, of course, music – the heartbeat of any celebration – is woven into the fabric of the day, ensuring a memorable and joyous experience for all.

"Everything was very easy, from first contact, music choices, setting up at the venue and during the evening - all fabulous.


Ralph & Anne

Wedding Ceremony & Drinks Reception Music

Step aside for the master of wedding ceremonies – that's me! Bringing more than just music to the table, I ensure your wedding ceremony's soundscape is nothing short of perfection. I slip in like a ninja, setting up the sound gear well before the 'I dos' without anyone noticing. You won’t find any bulky speakers photo-bombing your precious moments! And for the drinks reception? Think of me as the maestro of moods, spinning tracks that keep the chit-chat flowing and the vibe glowing. My playlist? It's like a finely-tuned symphony, just right for toasting, chatting, and getting those happy feels soaring!

"He was absolutely lovely and obviously very good at his job! He knew exactly what songs to play for the varied audience and everyone commented how good the music was!"


Chrismel & Robie

Above are 3 packages, and here are 2 specialities

Mature Weddings

Who says romance is just for the youngsters? I’m all about spinning the decks for the cool cats tying the knot again in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. These gigs? Absolute gems! Laid-back, oozing with style, and jam-packed with classic tracks from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. We’re talking about tunes that’ll get even the most reserved auntie grooving. So, for all you lovebirds out there celebrating round two (or three, who’s counting?), let’s rock the dance floor with some timeless tracks that prove true love never grows old!

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LGBQT Weddings

Ah, LGBTQ weddings, where every beat drops with a splash of fabulous! Having DJ’d at over 200 of these dazzling affairs, I can vouch – they’re an absolute blast. Every one of them is a kaleidoscope of love, laughter, and killer dance moves. Trust me, these celebrations are where I truly get to flex my DJ muscles, ensuring every tune reflects the spectacular spectrum of love and joy. So, for all you wonderful couples out there planning to tie the knot, get ready for an epic party that celebrates love in every colour!

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How It Works

In the kaleidoscope of love, every couple shines uniquely! Some lovebirds are as quiet as a library date, preferring to dodge the limelight, while others are all about the razzle-dazzle, craving the spotlight. And then there's everyone in between. That's where my magic comes in! I've honed my skills to tailor each service to fit like a glove to each couple's distinct personality. So whether you're the introverted type who'd rather melt into the background or the extraverted stars of the show, I've got just the trick up my sleeve to make your day perfectly 'you'!

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