A Price to DJ my wedding?

This article is out of date. Full pricing information for my services is available on this page

price to dj my weddingI’d love to be able to provide an off the cuff quote, but there are too many variables. The services I provide are so very different to those provided by huge majority of DJs in the UK that simply giving you a quote without a proper explanation of what is included in that fee is as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

However, it is not easy to properly explain what I do using the written word on an email, or even on a telephone call. It is far better in a face to face meeting over a coffee, which might be at your home, the venue itself or maybe a coffee shop near to you or partners office.

At the meeting

During the meeting, I can succinctly explain just what it is that I do that is so different, plus using photos and video it all becomes clearer, and the quotation is provided.

As a guideline my fees range between £1,000 and £3,000 depending on the services required.

I perform at a maximum of 30 weddings a year. They are always for couples that are not looking for a typical average wedding and instead are seeking one with a difference, often one that is much more fun than those they’ve attended in the past.

Surely all wedding DJs do the same thing?

price to dj my wedding98% of couples that meet me are simply unaware of the huge number of options that are available to make their wedding more fun, and thus when we meet their eyes are opened to up to a huge range of possibilities and many leave the meeting very excited as they start to visualize the day which is one with a very different end result from the norm.

It is these differences that led to me being awarded the Wedding DJ of the Year 2016

Once a couple books me I go out of my way to deliver a wedding that is a lot of fun for the bride and groom plus their family and friends. It is not only the evening reception that is fun but also the wedding breakfast as I offer suggestions for many different services that result in the ice being broken between people that don’t know each other in a way that usually involves lots of laughter, and there is no better form of icebreaker than laughing.

Most DJs will accept any booking they are offered; I only work with couples where I know I can have a huge positive impact on their day. If I am not convinced that will be the case I then provide details of other top DJs that will be better suited for their wedding.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?

I know a great number of DJs located all around the southeast of England who can help to save the direst of situations.

I’m also a member of SEDA (South East DJs Association) and NADJ (National Association of DJs) so have access to a huge number of DJs in the extremely unlikely situation that I’m not able to make your event.

However, I never miss any of my engagements. I have only once in 20 years been too sick to perform at an event. In short, it would have to be a real catastrophe for me to miss your event. I am not an agent; I will not take your booking and then give it to another DJ. If you book me then it is me who will be performing at your event.

My attire?

Best Wedding Suppliers in the UK Anthony Winyard EntertainmentThis depends on whether the couple has a preference for the style of dress. Some request my attire be Black tie but where no preference is stated I wear a stylish suit as shown in the photo to the left.

If you’re having say a seventies theme I may well turn up in flares and a pair of platforms! You can state your preference in the “Client Portal” you’ll get access to at the time of booking.

If there is any further information you would like or want to inquire about my availability just get in touch


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