transforming a barnHow to plan a DIY wedding While the wedding day is supposed to be a happy event for the lucky couple, the sheer number of things to deal with, can put off most people. This is why many opt to leave the organisation in the hands of a professional wedding planner; however, DIY weddings have risen in popularity in recent years allowing the couple to put their own personal stamp on their big day. These weddings can be personalised to suit the couple’s style and tastes creating a memorable day for all involved. DIY weddings give the bride and groom a blank canvas to work with allowing them to unleash their creativity and to match the ceremony and reception with their available budget.

They can control all aspects of the wedding, have fun at the same time and have the whole venue to themselves. Choosing to go down the DIY route can seem daunting at first but with the right planning and organization, couples can pull it off very successfully.

A couple that decides to orchestrate their own wedding need to consider some of the things listed below:

The budget and timeline

Getting the budget worked out properly is the cornerstone of any wedding planning. The couple need to determine early on how much they can afford to work with so that they can get an idea on where to save money, and where they can be more extravagant. There are numerous things to think about when planning a DIY wedding. Key among these are the wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, the cake, flowers, invitations, furniture and decorations, entertainment and the food and drink.

The wedding theme

There are hundreds of themes out there for the bride and groom to choose from that they can modify to suit their personality. The final theme should be one that has meaning for the couple. Easy DIY wedding themes to incorporate include rustic or vintage weddings; countryside or beach weddings and even spring fling weddings. Alternatively, the couple can draw inspiration from different backgrounds to come up with something unique.

A suitable venuewedding flowers

The wedding venue needs to fit within the budget and be compatible with the chosen theme. It should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate all the guests. The wedding furniture and decor also needs to be suitable if a private venue is used. For instance, a glass dining table will go with an elegant and classy venue, while rustic furniture is more suitable for an outdoor wedding. Beaches, manor houses, gardens, art galleries, resorts, inns and local parks are examples of popular DIY wedding venues.

Tasks to hire professionals to perform

The bride and groom also need to consider booking the entertainment, catering and photography. While most couples remember to hire a good wedding caterer and photographer, most pay minimal attention to entertaining their guests. The best way to turn a special wedding into a spectacular event is by hiring a DJ/Party Host/MC, and Anthony Winyard is a master in this field. He will not only meet the couple to discuss and customize the music and entertainment for the whole day, but will also take care of the dance floors, lighting, backdrops etc. to ensure that the wedding entertainment is truly memorable.

Charlotte Stafford