If you’re booking a photo booth for your wedding, there are things to bear in mind so that you don’t accidentally detract from the fun on the night!

GibbsPB-July13-7532The reason for Photo Booths isn’t about taking a photo. Almost every guest at the wedding has a camera – they don’t need another way to take a photo. It’s about creating fun. But when you have a Photo Booth that is run by people who have no entertainment experience , they will often suggest setting the booth up away from the area where the guests are dancing, and be in a separate room, or in the hall-way,where it’s less noisy! This is a mistake!

For maximum fun, I would suggest you either hire an  Open Air Booth, or a photographer that does a photo-booth type service in the evening. But either way, it should be set up right next to the dance floor.

The disadvantages of a conventional photo boothNeshamPB-Apr-1758

  • It’s a restricted space, and only 3 or 4 people usually can fit in.
  • It’s a set size and therefore less flexible and may not fit in the area that it would work best.
  • You can’t get the bigger group shots which are often the most fun.

The advantages of an Open-Air Booth

  • You can have unrestricted group shots of 10, 20 people if required.
  • It often takes up far less physical size and can be fitted into an area of the room where it would be most appropriate.
  • The look of it far more customisable and so easier to fit with your theme
wedding of Natalie & Chris

wedding of Natalie & Chris

The advantages of a photographer that does a photo-booth type service

  • Quality of the pictures is far better than any taken by a machine type booth.
  • Really fun group shots where everyone is in shot.
  • It often takes up far less physical size and can be fitted into an area of the room where it would be most appropriate.

It also goes without saying that the photo booth should never be open during important ceremonies such as the speeches, cake cutting etc. which may seem obvious, but isn’t always so to photo booth operators with no prior entertainment experience.

They should NEVER setup in a completely different room, away from the main entertainment, they should enhance the entertainment not detract from it.

This can make the difference between the photo booth really enhancing a fantastic night, and splitting the guests between different rooms and having just a good night.

Photobooth_010The above are my opinions from DJing at many events where they’ve had many different types of photo Booth and seeing which add to the fun of the event and which one’s don’t.

Two photographers that I would recommend that run a photo-booth type service are: (I have worked with both of these ladies and know they offer a great service)

Rebecca Feasy – 07590 818666 –

Sally Beard – 07956117331 –