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Brief history of Owlpen Manor

Owlpen Manor, with its origins dating back to the 1460s, stands as a testament to centuries of history and architectural evolution. Initially owned by the Olpennes, the estate passed to the Daunt family through marriage, marking the beginning of significant transformations. The Daunts, originally clothiers from Wotton-under-Edge, expanded their influence into Munster, Ireland, while continuing to shape the manor through various architectural phases. Notably, Thomas Daunt VI’s passing in 1803 marked the end of the Daunt lineage’s direct association with Owlpen Manor.

Tudor Period and Arts and Crafts Influence:

The manor, primarily shaped during the Tudor period, boasts connections to historical figures like Queen Margaret of Anjou, adding a layer of mystique with tales of her ghost haunting the great chamber. In the 20th century, Owlpen Manor gained recognition as an icon of the Arts and Crafts movement. Its restoration by Norman Jewson, a renowned architect, in the early 1920s preserved its historical integrity while adapting it to modern times.

Owlpen Manor Wedding Venue in the Cotswolds - photo by James Fear
Photo by James Fear

Key features


Owlpen Manor showcases a blend of Tudor and medieval features, with its west wing built by Thomas Daunt II in 1616, being a significant addition.


The manor is enveloped by terraced gardens, including the Yew Parlour and a formal, quartered box-hedged parterre garden, offering a serene and picturesque setting.

Capacity and Events:

Ideal for intimate to medium-sized gatherings, Owlpen Manor provides a romantic backdrop for weddings and special events. Its gardens and unique architectural elements create perfect spots for ceremonies and receptions.

Current Status:

Today, Sir Nicholas and Lady Mander maintain Owlpen Manor. They have revitalized the estate, blending family heritage with Cotswold Arts and Crafts collections. The manor house and gardens, open for exclusive private group tours, continue to attract visitors and serve as a sought-after venue for weddings and events.

Media and Cultural Significance:

Owlpen Manor has graced various media, including TV feature films, documentaries, and period dramas, notably appearing as Bramscote Court in BBC’s adaptation of “Tess of the d’Urbervilles.” Its enchanting allure has inspired numerous 20th-century poems and novels, further cementing its status as a cultural and historical jewel in the Cotswolds.

Details from an event I did at Owlpen Manor

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind of decisions, but one choice we are forever grateful for is having Tony Winyard as our wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies. From our first interaction, Tony's passion for creating unique and memorable weddings was evident. He didn't just offer DJ services; he provided a comprehensive wedding entertainment experience that surpassed all our expectations. Tony's talent in blending various music genres was extraordinary. He catered to our specific tastes while ensuring the dance floor was always vibrant and inclusive, a true testament to his extensive musical knowledge and experience. What made Tony stand out was his exceptional skill as a Master of Ceremonies. His natural charisma and humour brought life to our wedding, ensuring a seamless flow of events and keeping our guests thoroughly entertained. The highlight of Tony's service was the personalised 'Love Story' he narrated. It was a beautiful, touching recount of our journey together, crafted with such care and attention to detail that it left us and our guests deeply moved. This unique feature of his service added an emotional depth to our wedding that we hadn't anticipated. Furthermore, Tony's professionalism in coordinating with other vendors made our day stress-free. His commitment to making our wedding not just an event, but a joyous celebration of our love, was apparent in every detail. The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive, with many remarking it was the best wedding they had ever attended. For any couple looking for more than just a wedding DJ, Tony Winyard is the perfect choice. He brings a blend of professionalism, creativity, and passion that transforms a wedding day into an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration. We wholeheartedly recommend Tony Winyard Entertainment for a truly personalised and joyous wedding experience.
Ellie & Simon

An Exceptional Experience at Owlpen Manor:

Having DJed at over 1,000 different venues, I have witnessed a myriad of settings and worked with countless teams. Yet, my experience at Ellie and Simon’s wedding at Owlpen Manor was remarkably standout, thanks in no small part to the exceptional team led by Mel.

A Venue Team That Truly Shines:

From the moment I arrived, the warmth and professionalism of the Owlpen team were evident. Their attentive approach not only made the couple’s day run smoothly but also significantly enhanced my ability to perform at my best. It’s a rarity to find a team that combines efficiency with genuine care, making my role as a DJ and MC not just easier but thoroughly enjoyable.

The Perfect Backdrop for a Memorable Wedding:

Owlpen Manor’s rich history and stunning architecture provided the perfect canvas for a day filled with love, laughter, and music. As a DJ and Master of Ceremonies during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, I felt in sync with the venue’s unique character. This harmony allowed me to tailor my services to complement the manor’s timeless elegance, ensuring the music and announcements resonated perfectly with the setting.

Owlpen Manor Wedding Venue in the Cotswolds - photo by James Fear
Photo by James Fear

Complementing the Manor’s Charm:

My role transitioned seamlessly into the evening as the DJ, where the acoustics of the manor played beautifully into the night’s festivities. The dance floor, set against the backdrop of the manor’s historic charm, was vibrant and inclusive, reflecting the diverse musical tastes of Ellie and Simon’s guests.

A Touch of Personalisation with the 'Love Story':

The ‘Love Story‘ narration was a heartfelt highlight, weaving the couple’s journey with the rustic charm of Owlpen Manor. Additionally, strategically placed uplighting enhanced the manor’s features, creating an inviting atmosphere that transitioned beautifully from day to evening.

A Testament to Teamwork and Professionalism:

The exceptional service and coordination offered by Mel and her team at Owlpen were so noteworthy that I felt compelled to send a thank you email the following day, expressing my gratitude for their outstanding hospitality. Their friendliness, helpfulness, and competency truly set them apart.

A Harmonious Blend of Venue and Entertainment:

Ellie and Simon’s wedding at Owlpen Manor was a vivid reminder of how a synergistic relationship between venue staff and entertainment can elevate a wedding to new heights. Owlpen Manor, with its blend of historical grandeur and my contemporary entertainment style, resulted in a celebration that was not only memorable but deeply personal and unique to the couple.


Performing at Owlpen Manor was a profound reminder of the impact a supportive venue team can have on an event. The delightful experience of working in such an environment, combined with the venue’s natural charm, contributed to a truly unforgettable celebration for Ellie and Simon.

Additional Info on Owlpen Manor

  • Accessibility Information:

    • General Accessibility: Owlpen Manor provides certain facilities to accommodate guests with disabilities. However, due to the historic nature of many of the buildings, there are constraints on the degree to which they can be adapted for wheelchair access.
    • Accessible Cottages: Two cottages, Summerfield Cottage (all on one floor) and Woodwells (with a twin room on the ground floor and adjoining shower), are recommended for wheelchair accessibility.
    • Accessible Parking: Designated parking areas are available for disabled visitors.
    • Accessible Toilets: Facilities are available for guests with disabilities.
    • Guide Dogs: Permitted on the estate.

    Parking Facilities:

    • On-Site Parking: Owlpen Manor offers free on-site parking for visitors and guests. This includes uncovered parking spaces and areas designated for coaches.
    • Accessible Parking: As mentioned, there are specific parking areas for disabled visitors.

    Lodging or Nearby Accommodation Suggestions:

    • On-Site Accommodation: Owlpen Manor offers nine self-catering holiday cottages, accommodating a total of 36 people. These cottages range in size, suitable for 2 to 8 people each.
    • Types of Cottages: The cottages vary in style, from a one-bedroom studio to a five-bedroom farmhouse. Each cottage is unique and reflects the character of the Cotswold countryside.
    • Local Amenities: The estate advises guests to bring a car due to its rural location. Basic necessities can be purchased at a local village shop in Uley, about a 10-15 minute walk from the estate. Larger supermarkets are a short drive away in nearby towns.

    Additional Information for Guests:

    • Check-In and Check-Out Times: Check-in time is at 3 PM, and checkout is at 10 AM. Late checkouts may be accommodated depending on availability.
    • Reservation Process: Accommodation at Owlpen is by reservation only. A booking deposit is required to secure a reservation.
    • Services Offered: Cleaning services, laundry, baby-sitting, and various activities such as riding, gliding lessons, and guided woodland walks can be arranged on request.
    • Transport Advice: Assistance with airport pickup, including helicopter transfers, and advice on local taxi services are available.
    • Wi-Fi and Media Services: All cottages have Wi-Fi and telephones, with varying mobile cellphone coverage due to the estate’s location.
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