Something to be aware of is that at most weddings many of the ladies will wear new shoes. This can present an issue by the time the evening entertainment comes around, as by then many may have been wearing the shoes for 7 hours or more and so what often happens is that many remove their shoes and dance barefoot on the dancefloor. The problem arises because there will always be people dancing while holding drinks (regardless of warnings that may have been announced) and often a glass or two is dropped and smashes onto the floor which then can become dangerous for those dancing barefoot.

Flip Flops

A basket of Flip Flops

A solution that many brides use is to have a bag or basket full of flip-flops by the side of the dancefloor.

You’ll not only be saving your friends and family from potential injuries, but it often encourages more of the girls onto the floor, especially those that don’t like to dance in bare feet.

You can pick them up for between 50p and £2 a pair from places like Primark, Pound shops and eBay.