Music Information

Your wedding like the very best parties will have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups, music tastes and cultures. As a wedding DJ in the London area for over 20 years I have a huge range of music covering an enormous range of genres and eras. Looking for music with a more international flavour for your wedding? I’ve got that covered too.

Rockin’ All Over The WorldMusic information

London is one of the most multicultural cities on Earth and I have performed at hundreds of weddings where one or both of the couple were from a country outside of the British Isles. What does this mean to you? It means that I have music from right around the globe and there have been many weddings where I have totally surprised some of the guests such as playing some Sega music for some family from Mauritius at one event and Dangdut music for guests from Indonesia at another. The looks on their faces was priceless as it was completely unexpected. What will your guests say? we can find out together.

Wedding DJ With a Club Backgroundmusic information

As a club DJ I was pretty unique in the 15 years I spent working in clubs around the world, because whereas most club DJs tend to specialise in one or two music styles, I have always been into an eclectic range and had club residencies in such diverse situations as one that specialised in Indie, others where the latest upfront dance tunes were order of the day, a Jazz club in Switzerland, a Reggae club in London, many Soul clubs in various places, a Garage club in London plus special events such as Motown nights, Rock n Roll nights and New-Wave, Punk & Ska nights! So no matter what you and your guests are into, the chances are very strong that I will have it!

Hey DJ Please Play My Song

Creating your Music Request list through the client area of my website is quick and easy. I have established a system, which allows you to search through my collection of over 50,000 tracks and select the songs, which you’d most like to hear at your wedding.

  • I guarantee to play all the tracks in your “Must-Play” list and so if a song from your list clears the dance floor it’s down to you! – occasionally it may not be possible to play all of them if your wedding overruns.
  • I also encourage requests from your guests and try to play as many of them as possible (provided they are not dancefloor-clearers!).
  • There is also a “Play if Possible” list, and in this list as the name suggests I’d aim to play as many as possible but use discretion far more than with the Must Play list.
  • It’s not a problem if you have some dedications you’d like me to make during the evening such as announcing a special song for your mum, or calling all the hens to the floor for the big track from the hen party.

Don’t worry if you’re not great at remembering names of songs and artists I’ll give you as much help as you require.

If you’d prefer to just tell me a couple of things that you like and leave it to me to read the crowd that is fine too. Whatever you are most comfortable with works fine for me, so if you want to let me know of a lot of the songs that are really special to you I can make that work and equally, completely leaving it to me can also produce a phenomenal party.

If you choose to add certain tracks/artists/genres to a Do-Not-Play list, I will bear this in mind when taking requests from your guests and when we meet I’ll show you a fun way of doing this that ensures you don’t hear the music you dislike and also has some fun with your guests!

Get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your music choices.