The Mr. and Mrs. game. Also known as “The Shoe Game”. Is it something you’re familiar with? Many people have seen this done at events, usually at weddings, and usually have seen just the bride and groom doing it. When it’s known as the shoe game what happens is they both take their shoes off and then someone asks them a series of questions.

For example, a question could be “Who takes longest to get ready in the mornings?” The bride is holding one of her shoes and one of the groom’s shoes, and the groom’s doing the same. So the answer to that question “Who takes longer to get ready?” If it is the bride, she might hold up one of her shoes, meanwhile the groom is also holding up one of her shoes. The audience really gets involved with everyone shouting and making quips.

But sometimes, at some weddings, the bride and groom maybe don’t want so much focus on them, but they want to have some interactive things to get people laughing and get people involved. So what you can do, is you can have more than just the bride and groom involved. At a wedding last year I had five couples on the dance floor! It was the bride and groom in the middle. This side it was the bride’s mum and dad. That side it was the groom’s mum and dad. To the left of the bride’s mum and dad, it was the best man and his wife. To the right of the groom’s mum and dad it was the maid of honour and her husband. So we had the five guys on this side, the five girls on that side, and when I was asking the questions and they all put different shoes up. It was a riot! The crowd were in hysterics.

There are a lot of ways if you don’t want so much focus on yourself, but you do want to get people laughing, and again, creating a good energy. That’s something that you can do with a variation on the Mr. and Mrs. game.