It's too loud!Most social events such as weddings are functions where people wish to dance and have a good time, but also chat with old friends and family and make new friends. This is very difficult to do if the entertainment is intent on forcing you to shout all night because the music is too loud.

It’s essential that a DJ pays special attention to the volume levels to ensure that the music is loud enough to dance to, but not so loud that you’re not able to have a conversation. It shouldn’t be necessary to keep asking the DJ to turn the music down if they’re keeping on an eye on things and watching the crowd. it’s very easy to spot whether it’s too loud; signs such as seeing people having to shout at each other should be a huge clue for a start!.

If you require background music during the Wedding Breakfast, if at all possible, it’s a good idea not to place any elderly relatives/friends very close to where the speakers will be located (i.e. next to where the DJ is set-up), otherwise it will result in the music being played at a much lower than usual volume level, which can often result in the rest of the room not being able to hear the music at all.