International Wedding DJ, MC & Celebrant

“Hiring an international wedding DJ meant we had the perfect overseas wedding.”

A beautiful and unique day! Both sides of the family loved the music! It really bought everyone together!

Having an international wedding can be fun and exciting, especially if it’s in warm and sunny climes.

But for many couples there’s always that worry: will a local DJ play the music we want? Will a local celebrant or MC include some British wedding traditions too? Will it feel like our wedding?

The answer, of course, is to take your own international wedding DJ, MC and celebrant with you.

Tony has worked worldwide in places like France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Norway and Bali & Jakarta in Indonesia, and is familiar with a vast array of different music genres, cultures and traditions. He also speaks Indonesian, and a bit of French, Spanish and Italian. So he can even make introductions and announcements in other languages too.

“Having me as your international DJ, MC or celebrant at your overseas wedding, means you can relax and enjoy your special day while I bring fun and energy to the proceedings and ensure everything runs to time. I have music from 80 countries, so can always fill a dance floor anywhere in the world!” – Tony Winyard

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Prices start from £2,000

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“I did a wedding in Bali for a French bride and Italian groom. They were worried that the local DJs would just play club music all night and create an entirely different atmosphere from the one they wanted. I flew out there a few days before the wedding and tracked down the appropriate equipment to hire. I also got to know the venue well, which is really useful when I’m helping out guests. Throughout the night I played the right blend of European music to give them exactly the atmosphere they wanted. All their guests who were there from around the world absolutely loved it.” – Tony Winyard

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