Interesting Wedding Statistics

Interesting wedding statisticsThe statistics here show some fascinating information on weddings, such as 100,000 weddings a year taking place in Las Vegas, and the average length of an engagement being 18 months!

The average age of a bride to get married is 29 while for a groom it’s 31, however the stat following that line was most interesting to me:

72% of brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment
and then the very next line says:
Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment
Unfortunately, many couples find out the hard way the importance of good entertainment, and the impact it has on their wedding.
When I’m at networking events and social occasions, I often chat with those that are married about their wedding day. Some stories that people have said to me, correlate with some stats shown on here. A few women I’ve chatted with regretted cutting the entertainment budget to spend more on the favours and flowers, once they saw which was playing a bigger role in the grand scheme of things on the actual day/night.
One of the hardest aspects of wedding planning can be choosing the right suppliers, as these choices will play the biggest part in deciding how the wedding day succeeds.
As far as the entertainment is concerned, I’d make this suggestion. It’s vital that you feel comfortable with the entertainers you choose, and that you have complete peace of mind that they can deliver what they promise, and so it is absolutely essential that you meet with them. Time is a precious commodity, but many people regret, not finding time to meet with their entertainers before making a booking.
Once you have whittled down the entertainers you like into a shortlist of 3 or 4, arrange meetings with them. Ideally face to face, or if that isn’t possible, maybe because you’re living overseas while the wedding is back in the UK for example, then have those meetings via Skype.
Once you’ve met them all, it’s time to make comparisons. Wedding decisions are rarely made using logic, if they were few would spend as much as they do, so use your instinct and feelings to decide which of the entertainers will give you the most magical day. Decide if the entertainer that charges a few hundred pounds less can really deliver, and balance whether that saving will impact your guests enjoyment?
Anyone spending tens of thousands of pounds on this very special day, wants it to be a big success, with lots of happy memories. Unfortunately, some of the most amazing visual aspects of the day won’t play as big a role in how much the guests enjoy themselves. Saving £400 on the chair covers isn’t likely to affect how much fun people have, whereas saving the same on the DJ possibly will?
Here’s wishing that the interesting wedding statistics from your big day are that 90% of your guests end up with aches and pains from laughing and dancing so much, and 100% of them have very fond memories of the day for a very, very long time.