6 Ideas for your First Dance

ideas for your first danceAward-winning actor Johnny Depp once said “The idea of dancing is the only thing that scares me.” And he’s certainly not alone in his fear, with hundreds upon thousands of people worldwide suffering from chorophobia: a fear of dancing (yes – it has a name!). There is, however, one occasion where dancing is truly unavoidable: the first dance on your wedding day.

Whether you’re a dancing queen or a serious sufferer of chorophobia, I’ve compiled my 6 favourite ideas for your first dance to eliminate stress and inject fun into this part of your day.

1. Choreographed to perfection

If you have plenty of time to prepare for your first dance, why not team up and learn a choreographed dance? While hiring a choreographer may not be within everyone’s budget, there are plenty of free tutorials and videos online to teach you how to put your best foot forward and plan a routine. For professional lessons, try Oxford based dance experts, Take the Floor.*

2. Blitz the dancefloor with Ballroom

Dating as far back as the end of the 16th century, ballroom dancing is a social dance for couples derived from early European folk dancing. Not only is Ballroom easy to pick up, but it also comes with a huge selection of music. If your song of choice is quite lengthy, encourage your guests to take to the dance floor too.

3. Get twirling with Tangoideas for your first dance

Spice up your first dance with a lively latino number. Renowned for its elegant steps and dynamic rhythm, Tango continues to charm and delight audiences and is a firm favourite on televised competition, Strictly Come Dancing. For musical inspiration, look to the Gotan Project, Buena Vista Social Club, or for the more traditional Milonga tunes, try the father of tango music, Ástor Piazzolla.

4. Jump into the Jitterbug

If you and your partner fancy trying something completely different, the energetic Jitterbug could be perfect for your first dance. A popular form of swing which originated in the USA, the Jitterbug involves jiving, swinging, jumping, and generally cutting loose to have a good time. Prominent hits include Cab Calloway’s ‘Call of the Jitterbug’,
Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’, and Louis Prima’s ‘Jump, Jive, and Wail’.

5. Boogie down with a Breakdance

For couples looking to break away from the traditional ‘couples’ dance, impress your guests with a break-dance. Also known as B-boying, breakdancers regularly take to the streets in cities across the globe to astonish passers-by with their exhibition of toprocks, downrocks, power moves, and freezes. Breakdancing music is wide ranging, and covers hip-hop, funk, reggae and rap.

6. Freestyle

When time is of the essence and you have a million and one things to organise for your big day, freestyling to your favourite song is a simple and fun way of getting through the first dance. Freestyling will allow you to unleash your creativity on the dancefloor without planning beforehand.

If all else fails, some will simply bop along to their favourite cheesy pop song. Whether you go Gangnam Style,  twist along to the Time Warp, or move to the Macarena, you’re guaranteed to entertain your guests and set the tone for the evening’s magical entertainment!

I hope you found these ideas for your first dance useful. If you’re seeking a DJ that will give you a fun and magical wedding day, please get in contact.

*If you would like details of choreographers/dance instructors in other areas, please get in touch and let me know which area?