Dancing DoubleI’ve been DJ’ing at weddings for many years and have done over 2,000 weddings. Usually I have a meeting with the bride and groom a week or so before the big day to discuss the music and various other aspects of the their night.

One of the topics that’s always discussed is the first dance. I always ask them if they want to dance together for the whole song or if they’d like me to invite the parents/wedding party/all guests up after a certain amount of time, maybe after a minute of the song or halfway through the song for example. Years ago it was the norm that the bride and groom would dance the whole song on their own but in recent years it seems to be happening more and more frequently that the groom will ask for the other guests to be invited onto the floor after a very short time, sometimes as little as 20 seconds!… or sometimes they decide to buck tradition totally and not to have a first dance at all.

Occasionally though the opposite happens and they’ll have hired a professional dance instructor to choreograph a special routine for the first dance which usually results in many of the guests going crazy and really starts the party off with a bang.

At two weddings I did the couple did a variation on this where the first dance started off with me playing a very slow clichéd song and then after around 15 seconds or so I used a sound effect to give the impression that the record was stuck/scratched and the bride and groom then gave me a mock dirty look, at which point I’d put on a dance track and the bride and groom would suddenly burst into an upbeat choreographed routine much to the delight of everyone in the room.

Probably the most off-the-wall though was a couple that chose The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army as their first dance song and then after 45 seconds when the song bursts into a heavy guitar section, I threw 2 inflatable guitars at them and they did the air guitar Status Quo routine which was quite hilarious and had most of the guests in stitches.