How to Hire a Master of Ceremonies

Anthony Winyard Master of CeremoniesWith a million and one things to organise for an upcoming corporate event, hiring a Master of Ceremonies is frequently overlooked. As well as providing light entertainment between acts and activities, an MC will be at the centre of all behind-the-scenes arrangements, playing a subtle yet vital role in the smooth running of any party, wedding, gig, or event.

Whether you’re seeking a professional MC for a company Christmas party or a large business event, you will want to make sure that your MC is up to the job. Let’s take a look at what duties you can expect of a professional, experienced Master of Ceremonies, and how to guarantee you secure only the best for your event.

The duties of an MC

A role involving plenty of skill and confidence, the duties of an MC will typically vary from event to event. That said, there are a number of standard duties which apply across the board. These can include:

  • Capturing and entertaining guests and attendees
  • Comfortably presenting and introducing acts, speakers, and activities
  • Directing the attention of attendees and guiding them through the event

Depending on the event’s specific requirements, MC’s are often found at the centrepoint of the arrangements; coordinating speakers, caterers, entertainers and other staff to ensure that  everyone is working to the same schedule.

Most MC’s have their own websites, or publicise their services via social media or through agencies. When searching for the perfect MC, don’t forget to ask fellow colleagues, family, and friends, as they will be able to provide honest, reliable recommendations from their own experiences.

Questions to ask before hiring

Similar to any other service, it is advised to speak to a number of MC professionals to gauge their experience before hiring. As a professional orator, asking the obvious “why should I hire you?” may result in you being there all day! Tailor your questions instead to focus on their experience of events similar to your own. Questions to consider include:
What is your experience of hosting corporate events? This will give you a good indication of whether the MC is capable of successfully presenting an event of the same scale as yours. It’s also no good hiring an MC who has only hosted weddings and has no experience of corporate events.

Do you provide emergency backup equipment? We’ve all seen the embarrassment of faulty or failing equipment on “You’ve been Framed“, but what happens if the microphone fails at your event? You will want to ensure that any faults or failures can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Are you insured? Public Liability Insurance is a must for anyone providing services whereupon they interact with attendees or the public in case of any accidents.

What happens if you are ill on the day? Allowing yourself total peace of mind by asking what will happen if your MC is ill on the day is essential. Many MC’s are linked to local groups or networks and will be able to recommend and secure a suitable and reliable back up allowing you to relax and get on with the show.

To find out more about my role as an experienced Master of Ceremonies, please get in touch!