Gifts for the groom

Men are usually quite easy to buy presents for, but when the man in question is a groom and the occasion very special, then the decision can become a little harder. The question is what to buy a groom that he will be able to treasure for many years to come?

Keeping with traditionGifts for the groom

There is, of course, nothing wrong with choosing a traditional present; after all, they are traditional for a reason. A wristwatch or fob watch, for example, make excellent presents, being both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For those grooms with a home office, a leather desk set is an attractive and useful gift. A money clip or cufflinks are also safe traditional presents, as are picture frames or hip flasks.

Breaking with tradition

A bride is naturally going to know her husband-to-be intimately, and can therefore make a more informed and unusual choice of present. If the groom has particular sporting interests, such as golf or fishing, a bride can give him special covers for his golf clubs, or a set of fishing rods and accessories. Game players might enjoy a professional poker chip and playing card set, a deluxe set of chessmen or a backgammon set.

If the groom is an avid reader or has a favourite author, then a set of first editions or a signed copy of a book could make an excellent and thoughtful gift. The same goes for music, with original vinyl LPs or limited edition discs of their favourite singer or band.

More expensive presents could include a luxury boxed set of spirit decanters, a box of Havana cigars or a bottle of wine or champagne that has an excellent vintage.

Not breaking the bank

Just because a gift is special, it need not be expensive. There are plenty of smaller items that a groom would enjoy receiving. These could include a unique bottle opener, a Swiss Army knife or similar, a lighter, or a pen set.

There is also no need to keep the groom’s gift serious. Fun gifts could include customised T-shirts with transfers that say something about the groom’s personality or habits, or be silly by resembling a tuxedo. Foodie grooms might appreciate the novelty value of a reproduction cinema-style popcorn maker, or a barbecue utensil set. Grooms with a reputation for spending too much time at the pub might enjoy the humour of a personalized pub sign.grooms-pub sign

Making the gift personal

One way of making the gift mean that much more is to commemorate the giving of it in some way. This could mean embossing a gift such as a leather wallet or a leather humidor with the groom’s name and the date of the wedding, whilst grooms who appreciate the qualities of fine wine or high end spirits would certainly enjoy receiving a perfect whisky glass, especially if that glass has been engraved and personalised to them. Many presents, including those already mentioned, can be engraved with a name, date and even a place that is personal to the groom, and which are ideal for display, as well as regular use.