Fun Wedding Entertainment

It’s not everyone that does a job they love, and the old quote that says “When you do a job you love, you’ll never work another day in your life” is so true.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a full time DJ for most of my life, and over the past five years have added other skills to my repertoire such as Master of Ceremony, Storyteller, Party Host, Public Speaker and even stand-up comedian, and have attended countless workshops and courses in the UK and USA also, and learnt these various skills to be as good as I can.

fun wedding entertainment

On the face of it some of those skills would not seem of any importance for a wedding DJ or even of relevance, and for a wedding DJ that is content with providing the music for the wedding reception alone, that would be true.

However, over the last 15 years, I have been specialising in weddings, and in that time that I have performed far in excess of 2,000 weddings. I have been able to see how I can influence the day in many other ways that will greatly add to the enjoyment of the day for the bride, the groom and their family and friends, other than just playing music, and that I (the DJ) is uniquely positioned, to add these extra’s, when they have the right skill set.

Prior to around 5 years ago, at 95% of my bookings I would arrive in the evening, usually around 6pm, to start at 7pm, and then play music through until midnight. As the testimonials from that period show, the weddings were very good, and I could usually make the wedding reception go with a bang, from 7pm onwards. Because of a combination of my DJ experience, music programming, music knowledge and understanding of weddings, and the many age groups, cultures and types of people that make up a typical wedding reception.

From around 2010 I took a different approach, and realised that I could help the couples that were booking me to have a much more fun wedding, which was better for them, but also better for me, as it led to me enjoying my job more and the number of referrals increasing, and spending less on advertising.

It was then that I began to start taking workshops in the skills required to be a master of ceremonies, because I wanted to offer something different to that of either a traditional English Toastmaster, or that of a typical duty manager at most venues. I wanted to help couples with some of the tasks that a Toastmaster or duty manager would perform, such as introductions and keeping the day running to time amongst others, but to do it in a less formal, less stuffy and more fun way.

This led to the further workshops in areas such as Public Speaking and Comedy. To improve some of the fun interaction that I was starting be involved with. It wasn’t about telling gags or doing a standup comedy routine, but more importantly comic timing and use of humour, when delivering the “Love Story” about the couple. (There will be a blog post about “The Love Story” very soon!)

fun wedding entertainmentBeing far more involved in the whole day, right from the wedding ceremony in the early afternoon, through to the end of the night, also means much more responsibility, as I now have an enormous impact on the day for the couple, and that is not something I take lightly. I am fully aware of how important the role I now play is. The couples that book me have placed their trust in me for the most important day in their lives, and a poor performance from me could ruin someone’s day, which is a lot of pressure.

Because I am involved in so many aspects of the day, I am playing a far greater role than any of the other suppliers, and have a greater direct impact on how successful and enjoyable the day is, than any other supplier, which adds to the pressure further more.

If I just do a “good” performance, it could be a “good” wedding, which is fine for many. But having now been involved in hundreds of fantastic, fabulous and fun weddings, “good” really equals mediocre, and is the difference between the couple shaking my hand at the end of the night for a day they enjoyed, or both of them giving me huge hugs for making their day amazing. Once you’ve had a few of those huge hugs at the end of the night, that’s the feeling you want to replicate, as anything else feels like a massive disappointment.

I understand that for the couple booking me, this is it, there is no re-run. It is ALL about this day. I can do another wedding the next day, but for that couple, the next day it’s over!

It could be looked upon as pressure, but an alternative view is that it is greater motivation, to achieve that high that no drug can reach, and it is an addiction, but a happy addiction, to give every couple that books me much more fun wedding entertainment 🙂