Fun Table Names For Your Wedding Breakfast

There are lots of different ways to make your wedding fun and to stamp your personality on the day and one of those is by creating fun table names for your wedding breakfast.

Fun table names for your wedding breakfastHere are a few ideas:

Name all your reception tables after something personal to you – maybe your favourite bands or albums, restaurants, animals, sports teams, hobbies, pubs, activities, films or film characters, perhaps places you’ve been on holiday, places on your bucket list that you can create as a couple – Additionally on the table plan have a photo or image for each name and then use that image on the name placeholder on the table. The visual image makes it much easier for the guests to find the table.

Have your favourite quotes as table names, or on each table use a line that one of the guests on that table is famous for saying! You could use lyrics from your favourite songs for the table names and that could be added to some fun during the wedding breakfast, for example each of the songs used could be played at some point during the wedding breakfast and announce that there will be a prize for the table that does the best routine to their table song!

You could use the table names and table plan to tell a story; Table 1 is the place you met, table 2 where your first date was, table 3 where one of you first said “I love you” and so on.

Fun table names for your wedding breakfastGuests know their name, but not their assigned table. Reading all the names sorted by table, can delay and frustrate guests searching for their name.
An alphabetical list lets them find their table number easily.

What many couples have done to prevent the confusion is to have both. A traditional table plan showing the tables and the names of the people on each table, and where the table is positioned within the room, plus another board that alphabetically lists the guests names and informs of which table they are on.
This is more important for very big weddings and not so relevant for small intimate affairs.

Fun table names for your wedding breakfastSomething to consider when creating your seating plan. If you are having myself, or a musician etc playing background music during your wedding breakfast, try not to have any elderly people sat close to the speakers.

What I’ve seen at many weddings is that a few of the more elderly people have been seated close to the speakers, and they are often more sensitive to volume levels, resulting in the music volume being turned down very low so that they are not disturbed. However, this means that people seated on the opposite side of the room often will not be able to hear the music, because the volume is so low.

If this is of concern, whenever possible, try to seat any elderly people as far from loudspeakers or musicians as possible, which means that they are happier, and everyone else can hear the music.

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