The Saturday just gone I was DJ’ing a wedding for Caron & Yuri in a marquee in Ruislip. Their house backed onto a golf course and they’d OK’d it with the neighbours on either side so everything was set for a long night as they’d asked me whether I minded going on until 3am or later?

They’d actually got married in Mauritius a few weeks ago and this was the party for friends and family so there wasn’t the usual all day festivities and people didn’t really start arriving until 8pm onwards. They also had a singer called Dan Rosen to do background music early on and then a party set later. His physical appearance kinda gave the impression of a computer geek more than an inspiring performer, but once again, looks can be very deceiving as his voice and presence surprised everyone! He had a very varied repertoire and quite a good range and was quite interactive with the guests.

Dan played for most of the first couple of hours so I basically just stood around and ate to relieve the boredom! and then eventually took over around 10.30ish. Yuri had asked me to play a lot of soul, rare-groove and reggae as that was what he was into and he said that many of the guests were also into, however as the night progressed it was clear this wasn’t the case and many of the guests wanted more “party” music and once I was given the all-clear and started going in that direction there were a LOT more people dancing!

Because the singer had done most of the early part of the night the first dance had been overlooked. In the pre-event meeting they’d told me that the singer would be doing the first dance, but at just gone 1am Caron asked me did I think it would be too late to do the first dance then!? I replied that i couldn’t see a problem with doing it now and so for the first time in my life I did a first dance at 1.30 in the morning… it was certainly different!

The night went pretty quickly and the next thing I knew it was 2.30 and they were asking me to keep going. In what seemed like a flash it was suddenly 3.30 and again I was asked if I would keep going. Shortly after that there was a very comical sight; a bloke was walking towards me wearing pyjamas, a dressing gown and slippers! and I didn’t recognise him from being there earlier at all. He came up to me and quite politely asked whose party it was because he wanted the music turned down a little as he was trying to sleep! I was amazed at how calm he was as he walked off to chat with the bride and groom. I reduced the music by about 50% and he was fine and went back to his house!

The music eventually stopped at 4.45am by which time most of the guests had staggered off home and by the time I managed to get all of the equipment into the van it was almost 6am and daylight again!