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Picture this: decades of globe-trotting DJ experience meets a master of ceremonies with a twist. No snooze-fest here; just award-winning, personalised party perfection.

From retro classics to the latest bops, we’ve got tunes for every taste. Tell us your theme; we’ll bring the soundtrack.

Absolutely! I’m all about celebrating love in every colour and season. Expect a bash that’s as unique as you.

Bring ’em on! I mix guest favourites with your must-plays, keeping the party vibe on point.

You bet! I’m there for every heartwarming moment and wild dance move.

Think less stiff-upper-lip, more personalised fun. I keep things flowing smoother than a top-notch barista.

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It’s all about slick planning and syncing with other vendors. We make sure everything’s as smooth as your best moves.

Passport ready! Let’s chat logistics to make your far-flung wedding dreams a reality.

Easy peasy! A cool 25% down payment secures your date with Tony. You can flick it over via bank transfer or credit card. As for the rest, you’ve got options – clear the balance a week before your big day, or take it easy with gradual payments over several months. Whatever floats your boat!