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Tony Winyard is an award-winning Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies with over 20 years of experience. He has performed at over 2,500 weddings across the UK, Europe, and Asia, catering to couples of all ages. Tony’s extensive experience and training guarantee the best possible occasion for your wedding.
Tony offers a comprehensive range of services for weddings, including acting as a Master of Ceremonies and DJ. As a Master of Ceremonies, Tony ensures a seamless flow of events, helps with ice-breaking, and keeps guests informed about what’s happening. As a DJ, Tony caters to a wide range of music tastes to create the perfect atmosphere for each part of your wedding day.
Tony uses various techniques to ensure your wedding ends on a high note. One popular method is the “wedding circle,” where all guests link arms in a circle and the couple goes around to say goodbye to each person. This leaves guests with a lasting, personal memory of your special day. Other methods include a “wedding arch” and other unique send-offs.
As a Master of Ceremonies, Tony plays a crucial role in ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly. He keeps your timeline on schedule, liaises with banqueting staff, assists the photographer, organises the receiving line, stages the grand entrance, introduces individuals before their speeches, and much more. His training in stand-up and improvised comedy allows him to add a touch of humour to the proceedings, making your wedding elegant, romantic, and above all, fun!
Tony has an extensive and eclectic music collection, which, coupled with his experience DJing in many countries and for over 100 different nationalities, allows him to cater to a wide range of music tastes. He pays special attention to creating the right mood for different sections of the day, such as the drinks reception, wedding breakfast, and evening reception.
Tony has received numerous awards in his career, including UK Wedding DJ of the Year and Wedding DJ of the Year for London and the South-East at the Wedding Industry Awards. He has also received various awards from Hitched and Guides for Brides.
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Previous clients have had wonderful experiences working with Tony. You can read their testimonials on the Testimonials Page on Tony’s website.
Yes, Tony provides his services in London, The Cotswolds, and other parts of the UK. He also performs at weddings in France, Italy, Croatia, and other European countries.
To secure Tony’s services, a 25% down payment is required, which can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. The balance can be paid a week before the event, or some couples prefer to pay in drip payments over the course of many months.
Tony’s experience with stand-up and improvised comedy allows him to react off the cuff with humour to things that happen on the day. This can be included in the love story, the Mr & Mrs game, and other parts of the day, adding a unique and entertaining element to your wedding.
Depending on the location, Tony can either fly out to the location and arrange with a local supplier near to the venue to provide the required equipment, or if this is not possible, in some circumstances he can drive his equipment to the location, if it is within a reasonable time-frame.
Tony’s extensive experience and training allow him to ensure a seamless transition between different parts of the wedding day. He works closely with the venue and other suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Tony’s DJ setup is modern and compact, taking up far less space than most DJ setups. His lighting does not spin around or go into people’s eyes, and he does not use lasers, smoke, bubbles, or other such effects. His focus is on what he does best – creating an unforgettable musical experience for your wedding.
Tony’s extensive experience as a club DJ and wedding DJ enables him to read the room and play the right music at the right time to create an electric atmosphere. His ability to cater to a wide range of music tastes ensures that everyone has a great time.
Yes, Tony has performed at over 100 LGBTQ weddings and thoroughly enjoys them. He has a dedicated page on his website for these weddings at LGBTQ Weddings. He is also the DJ for the annual LGB conference after-party.
Tony is knowledgeable in a wide range of music genres, including Soul, Reggae, Ska, 2-tone, Pop, Indie, 80s & 90s House/Dance, R&B and Rap from the 80s to the 00s, Rock from the 70s to the 00s, and party classics from the 50s to the current day. His extensive experience DJing in different types of clubs around the world has given him a broad understanding of different music genres.