Everything That Can Go Wrong of a Wedding Day – How to Prevent a Catastrophe

Avoid the DIY Route

Behind the lovely floral decor and beautiful arrangements lies months’ worth of work and stress you wouldn’t wish on your enemies. While mistakes are expected, having a less-than-perfect wedding can be infuriating – especially when you have dedicated so much time and research to it.


You don’t have to be a bridezilla to want your wedding to go smoothly. Here’s what you can do to stop worst-case scenarios from happening ahead of time. Keep a cool head, acknowledge possible mishaps, and take measures against them by following these wedding planning tips.  

Only Hire Professionals

The temptation to save on wedding funds is understandable, but ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. A cousin or friend of the family can mean well, but often lack the skill or professional obligation. Your discount DJ can turn into a SoundCloud artist trying to promote their latest album, or your niece from culinary school who isn’t ready to take on your wedding cake. 


If you feel like you have no clue what you’re doing and you’re on a tight budget, hire a wedding planner. They’ll fight to make your vision come true, help you coordinate the entire day, and can help you save money through clever planning and vendor discounts. 

Avoid the DIY Route

Your Pinterest board may be full of unique decor ideas, but your wedding day is not the time to test your craft skills. Hours watching ‘how-tos’ won’t replace the expertise from a reputable wedding decorating company. Not only will everything look up to par, you’ll avoid any accidents or decor falling apart on the big day.  

Check With Guests Dietary Needs

An often overlooked detail when it comes to the dream wedding buffet is possible allergies or substitutes. When you send invitations, include an option to add special dietary needs along with the RSVP. Here are a few options you may need to include:


  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Food allergies
  • Kid’s menu

Prepare for Weather Changes

Prepare for Weather Changes

Planning for an outdoor venue is one thing, but mother nature may have other plans. If you’re planning months ahead of time, select a destination that can accommodate an indoor event on the fly. You’ll only know the weather for sure on the week of your wedding. If it rains, you can also invest in clear umbrellas for your guests as a quick fix. 

Keep an Emergency Bag Nearby

On top of carrying your marriage licenses, rings, and vows, there are about a dozen things you’ll regret leaving at home. Make your life easier by having one large comfy bag that will accommodate anything and everything you’ll ever need during a wedding emergency. Here are some types of items you’ll need to ensure your wedding (and honeymoon) run smoothly.  

Clothing & Hygiene

If you stain your dress or suffer a wardrobe malfunction, you’ll want a stain remover and travel-size sewing kit. This also applies to the bouquet, accessories, and other maintenance.  


Carry a spare change of anything you may need, including items such as groomsmen boutonnières. Also, if you’re leaving for your honeymoon after the wedding, it’s recommended to have everything packed beforehand, including toiletries. 


Brides tend to arrive with their hair and makeup picture-perfect, but you’ll always want a small makeup bag and stylers to touch up during the day. Have a mother or bridesmaids check on you to keep you looking your best. 

Health & First Aid

The last thing anyone needs is to wake up with a headache or a cold. Take travel packs of medicine for anything from pain relief to stomach aches. A small first aid kit wouldn’t hurt either. If your shoes start hurting you, bandaids can double as cushioning.


You may have that nagging feeling that you forgot something on your wedding day. Along with your emergency bag, you can stay on top of everything through checklists. 

Have Back-Up for a Power Outage

A power outage in the middle of a wedding may sound unusual but is more common than you can imagine. It can be caused by a storm, or the venue you choose may not be equipped to handle your event. Check with the venue about backup power and even an on-site electrician. 


Another creative idea is using candles to add a soft, romantic look to your wedding. As a last resort, you can ask your guests to light up your venue with smartphones.

Keep the Children Busy

Children are often given roles such as the flower girl, ring bearer, or adorable guests in the crowd. However, they may have their own plans in mind. 

Keep the Children Busy

Talk with the children and set down simple guidelines on what’s needed of them. Don’t be too demanding, and definitely don’t let them hold expensive rings until it’s time to walk the aisle. 


Consider providing entertainment for children. An alternative is asking for parents to arrange babysitters and not having them at all. Of course, this is up to your discretion. At the end of the day, you can expect to hear some yelling and crying – there’s not much that can be done about children and their behavior.  

Set Boundaries With Your Family and Friends

Making yourself heard may be the most important one on this list. Whether it be your wedding planner, guests, your partner, or your mother, there’s bound to be someone to derail your vision. Be polite, but firm, about your wants and needs. Many times someone will become carried away with arrangements and other tasks, but your voice is what matters.


It’s unrealistic to expect a wedding to be completely foolproof. No matter how much you plan and communicate, there’s always bound to be something beyond your control. The best you can do is to rely on professionals, accept support from your family, and remember that your day will be memorable.