Essential Tips for Purchasing Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring can be an intimidating experience. For many of us, it is our first time buying a diamond or shopping for expensive jewellery. You want your proposal to be perfect, but you don’t know where to start when shopping for a ring. 

Fortunately, there are general tips you can follow to make a smarter engagement ring purchase. These tips are not only good for helping you avoid spending more than you need to, but they will also help you select the right ring.

A newly engaged couple holding hands

Start Planning

The cost is one reason shopping for an engagement ring can be so stressful. You might not have the money to pay for it yet, and you aren’t even sure about what you can afford. That is why you should plan the purchase at least a few months in advance. 

With time to prepare, you will be able to save money and set a budget. Start putting away a little money every time you get paid. If you can, find ways to earn a little extra money. Maybe you could take some extra hours at work or you could consider selling some things you no longer need. Even selling diamond jewellery you no longer wear or you inherited could be a great option here. 

Once you have a reasonable amount of money saved up, set a budget for the ring purchase and make sure you stick to it. It might be possible to finance part of the cost of an engagement ring, but you do not want to put yourself in deep debt just to get the ring. 

Learn About Diamonds

You should learn the basics about diamonds before you shop for an engagement ring. As it concerns this purchase, you will want to learn about the 4 Cs of diamond valuation: carat, cut, clarity and colour. 

You won’t be able to develop an expert eye before making a purchase, but you want to know what you are looking at. Furthermore, jewellers will use these terms when they are trying to explain the value of different diamonds and you will want to understand what they are talking about.

Consider the Ring

Beyond the stone, you will also need to consider the setting. You will have to choose a metal for the ring, and you also have a wide variety of engagement ring styles to choose from. 

As far as metals go, gold is the most popular material for the setting of an engagement ring. Other popular choices include sterling silver and platinum. Any one of these metals can make an attractive engagement ring, but they have different qualities. Before deciding, you should take the time to learn about the different metals.

For picking the right style of ring, consider her taste in jewellery. You could consider taking some pictures of rings she already has to show the jeweller. If she has a friend that knows her style well, you could ask the friend to come with you.

Compare Some of Your Options

You don’t want to buy from the first jeweller you find. Go to different jewellers and compare your options and the prices. You should also ask the jewellers if they have certificates to back the stones they are offering. When a diamond has a certificate, it means that it has been assessed by an independent agency and that will tell you it is genuine and that it is really worth the price.

Beyond that, you should also ask the jeweller about their guarantees. You might need to resize the engagement ring, and you want to know that the jeweller will do that for you. You should also ask if you can bring the ring back for a refund. If the ring needs to be returned, you want to know that you will be able to get some of your money back.

As an alternative to meeting jewellers in person, you could consider shopping for a ring online. With online shopping, you can compare more rings with less effort and there are a lot of options for online ring shopping. Some sites even let you design a custom engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring is a big step, and you don’t want to get it wrong. As a final tip, consider bringing her with you when you go ring shopping. It might not be a surprise, but it will help you pick a ring that she is guaranteed to love.