Entertainment accessories for your wedding

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Dance Floors

Dancing feet love dance floors!

Budgets love the wooden parquet variety and the Black and White chequered style.

While those looking for the fabulous gravitate towards the spectacular Starlight style dance floors.

Which one do you love?

Drop me an email to tell me.


Claridges uplighting


Also known as ambient lighting and architectural lighting, uplighting is a unique way to change the atmosphere in the room your wedding is held in. Virtually any colour can be selected to match the decor of the room – for example, the bride might choose a colour that matches her flowers or bridesmaids dresses, such as a certain shade of pink or purple.

At many events one colour is chosen and the room is “washed” in that colour during the meal and then during the evening when the disco commences the lights are set on “Sound to Light” which means the lights change colour to the beat of the music, really changing up the atmosphere in the room. Uplighting is also perfect to highlight a particular feature such as a statue or architectural features such as alcoves and columns.

I use wi-fi battery powered LED par-cans as opposed to the much cheaper traditional par-cans and they have a number of advantages.

They do not get hot unlike the conventional type which get very hot and thus can be dangerous to little hands which are always attracted to lights of any kind.Claridges mood lighting

Because they are battery powered there are no cables so they can be positioned anywhere around the room.

The wi-fi feature means that I am able to change the colours of all the lights in the room at the touch of a switch from the DJ booth.

Gobo Lighting


Get your name up in lights — it is your big day after all.

Project it on the wall, the floor or a screen.

Also available for monograms, dates or company logos.

The clever piece of kit that makes it happen is called a gobo projector and for £150 you can hire one for your wedding or corporate event and get a custom gobo made. But that’s not all, because you can hire a second projector for just another £30. So that’s a whole lot of finishing touches for £180.

(These are only available to hire as an addition to my DJ services, i.e. these are not hired out on their own)

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Do you know what can transform a venue into something truly spectacular?

A backdrop.

If you want to put the sweetest cherry on top of your wedding venue give me a call on 0777 189 4560.

backdrops 1backdrops 2

The Party Pack

It’s a massive pack of items that will liven up most parties.

Inflatable Guitars, Blues Brothers Hats & Shades, Glostix, Inflatable Microphones, Tambourines, Neon Maracas, Inflatable Saxophones, Sombreros, Bowler Hats, Grass Skirts, Beach Comber Hat, and Tinsel Wigs in various colours.

Many people require the help of a prop to let themselves go and this is a pack full of fun props and a great way to increase the energy in the room and make your party be remembered for a very long time!

At Christmas the pack will include various Christmas themed items and adjusted at other times of the year such as near Halloween, Valentines etc. if you desire.

 This combines well with the unique “photo booth with a difference” option I offer
If you would like to have the Party Pack at your wedding please do get in touch either by phone on 0777 189 4560 or you can contact me by email

Slideshows and Projector

The use of a projector screen can provide an alternative option to a photobooth.

Sometimes a photobooth can divide the party, by having one party taking place on the dancefloor, while another party takes place in the room where the photobooth is located. In my experience it is far better to have the photobooth on the dancefloor and keeping the party in one place.

The Party PackA big screen projecting photos of your life together so far, video messages, photos from the ceremony, photos your guests are taking during the reception and … music videos. Oh yes you can have Michael Jackson moonwalking at your wedding reception!

The screen can also be used for photos and video messages from absent friends and family during the wedding speeches.

I provide a photographer who’ll take fun photos and group photos throughout the evening reception and display them on the screen along with any photos your friends and family are taking and would like to show. After the wedding the photos will be loaded onto a DVD for you, and if you want also displayed online for your guests to see too.

If your official photographer agrees we can even display his/her photos too. Usually on the understanding we delete them at the end of the night. Which we do.

The advantages of this service are:

  • Your evening guests are able to see the beautiful photos from the ceremony
  • Usually the official photographer leaves just after the first dance; just as the party is really getting going. This enables you to capture the fun that takes place through to the end
  • The screen can also be used to play music videos. Many of the songs I play I also have the video for, and some of the videos can really add to the fun during the night. Especially videos such as Single Ladies, Thriller, Night Fever, MC Hammer, Fresh Prince and many more.

So, a lot to consider but the upshot is, you can display, share and enjoy your photos as they happen. It’s a beautiful touch.

Contact me to find out more.