This article follows on from “The Public Perception of DJs” and focuses on the actual enjoyment of DJ’ing.

As mentioned in that article, the perception of Wedding DJs is often pretty poor with some people thinking all wedding DJs play tracks like Agadoo, Jive Bunny and the Birdie song all night and babble inanely between every song cracking jokes in poor taste. I know a lot of top class DJs that concentrate on the wedding market and know that perception to be very inaccurate,  although the description of DJs given in the opening sentence do still exist and are often the DJs that do it for a bit of cash in hand, have no insurance, don’t have any contract/booking form and aren’t really bothered whether or not their clients have a great day.

Wedding at Taplow House Hotel

Wedding at Taplow House Hotel

I actually really enjoy performing at weddings as it’s a real challenge and provides a huge buzz when you can overcome all the challenges that are often encountered and yet still fill the dancefloor for most of the night.

The challenges include:

  • Some people stuffing themselves during the meal and simply not feeling like dancing while waiting for the food to digest.
  • Family & friends that haven’t seen each other for many years and wanting to catch up on old times and talking for hours.
  • Auntie Agnes wanting to only hear music from the 50s and 60s.
  • Young Liam who wants the latest chart hits and is bored by anything else.
  • The mid-20 something’s that want the latest club hits and club mixes.
  • The former uni kids requesting Indie music.
  • Relatives that have flown in from abroad and want music from where they live that no one else knows.
  • There can also be challenges such as a really hot day (OK, I know we’re in England but it happens occasionally!), and when that’s combined with a beautiful venue with incredible views, then naturally people like to stand outside in the sun enjoying the view.
  • When the bar is in a different room, that also makes it that little harder for the DJ, as people, OK, men! Love to congregate around the bar.

Crowd DancingHowever, when you can overcome all of those challenges and keep the dancefloor full with everyone having a great time and lots of people smiling, laughing and having fun there is no feeling to touch it, to the point where sometimes it can take hours to come down from a high like that, and a huge sense of achievement, and even though I’ve been doing this for many years and have done over 2,000 weddings, I still enjoy it enormously.