Imagine the scene; a couple have spent a LOT of time planning their wedding. The ceremony was fabulous; the venue looked amazing with some gorgeous flowers and everyone just loved the scrumptious food that was served, but there is one problem… the DJ hasn’t yet arrived!
The DJ was the last supplier booked, and by then the budget was getting stretched so the couple saved some money by booking a DJ that was offering a “great deal” and was only £300 which seemed too good to be true…

our compeitiors charge less, because they charge what they are worth!

Every month I receive calls from couples who’s DJ “hasn’t shown up” When I ask a few more questions, is when I usually discover that they were paying a ridiculously low price. That there wasn’t a contract, they’d never met him, all the discussions were done over the phone, and their decision to book him was based almost solely on low DJ prices.

When someone thinks about booking this “bargain,” they should ask themselves: “What is my risk tolerance? Am I ok losing this money and/or having it turn out exactly like the reasonably priced suppliers told me it would? Am I willing to risk this to save a few quid?

If so, go for it. But when things go exactly as predicted, it may not be easy finding a good/reliable DJ at the last minute!

Are you looking for the BEST PRICE – or the BEST DJ, Photographer, etc.
Every couple should appreciate that to achieve both is impossible! Quality is not reflective of low price. Likewise, a great deal is not always reflective of the highest quality of service or product.

The budgetThe Budget

Every bride and groom has a budget. Some couples plan their wedding with just a few thousand pounds whereas others may be lucky enough to have much more to work with. Regardless of the size of the budget, every bride and groom want their wedding: to be a fabulous fun day that they–and their friends and family–will remember with fond memories.

There are a lot of things to pay for when organising a wedding, and it’s difficult to prioritise. One of the easiest ways to work out the importance of something is to imagine not having it. For example, if you arrived at your venue to find it had been double-booked, it would be disastrous. Your venue is your top priority. You would be understandably upset if your florist didn’t arrive, or if your caterer got your cake order wrong, but how much of an impact would that have on the success or failure of your wedding day? I’m sure you’ll agree that in terms of priority, it would be a lot further down your list than the venue.

However, what would happen if your DJ didn’t arrive? You’d probably have no alternative but to plug an iPod into the in-house speaker system and hope for the best, but without a professional entertainer filling the dance floor, without the light-show and without all the special songs you had chosen, your entire evening would be ruined.

That highlights the importance of your wedding DJ. However, hiring one based on low price could be just as disastrous as one not turning up at all! Music alone cannot create a wonderful wedding reception, just as a camera in the hands of a novice cannot create breathtaking photographs. For something to be outstanding and jaw-droppingly perfect, it’s imperative to hire an expert.

You may have been to a wedding before where the DJ wasn’t as good an entertainer as everyone had hoped? Where there wasn’t much fun? Where the music selection was poor? And the dance floor was empty? It happens too frequently, and more often than not, the guests make their excuses and leave early, purely because the DJ is a flop. Can you imagine how upsetting that would be if it happened at your wedding? If everyone leaves early it turns a wedding, into a very expensive dinner party!

Before hiring a DJ based on low price, it can be a false economy for the saving of 3 or 4% of the over-all budget, is it worth the risk of having your wedding day potentially ruined?

Your wedding reception will probably be the most important party you will ever host in your life, and it’s the moments created during your reception that will stay with you forever. The laughter. The fun. The dancing. The personalised moments that will leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime. These moments don’t happen by accident, it takes a skilled, experienced and professional entertainer to ensure that everyone is having fun throughout the day, the dance floor is busy, and that the bride and groom’s dreams become a reality.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This is something a less confident DJ is unlikely to offer, and I hope it’s enough to convince you that not only am I the right DJ & Party-Host for your special day but that your wedding reception will be the best one you have ever been to.

In booking me you receive:

• My personal attention, advice and total dedication right up to and throughout your wedding day.
• Your own event planner and access to my music library to create your very own playlist.
• A professional, quality sound with the very best equipment and an enticing, atmospheric light-show.
• I will meet with you at least twice to plan exactly how you would like your day to ensure it is a lot of fun.

If you read through my client testimonials and evaluations, you see that many couples speak of how their reception was fantastic and their guests would talk about it for a very long time to come, because of the attention to detail that I put into the pre-planning, and building rapport with their guests throughout the day, adding lots of fun elements that they and most of their guests will probably never have seen at a wedding previously.

Your wedding is important to me, and the hours of work I’ll put in during the lead up to your special day, and on the day itself, will ensure you’ll have the best night of your lives and memories that you’ll treasure forever. I offer a quality, personalised service and my attention to detail is paramount. My aim is to exceed your every expectation, that you end up adding to my huge collection of over 300 client testimonials from other couples that have had a fantastic wedding with help from my services.

An expert wedding DJ will gladly take on board around 80% of the responsibility of ensuring the wedding is a success, but in return they realise their worth and charge a far higher fee than the DJs that just turn up and play a few records and do not get involved emotionally!

I meet every couple I work with at least twice, once prior to the booking, and then again a few weeks before the wedding, so I really know what they want and don’t want, likes and dislikes, the atmosphere they want to create, so we can discuss the many ways the first dance can be done, provide suggestions for different ways of ending the night, and much more, but it is to really personalise your wedding celebration, which does not happen from a DJ that doesn’t meet with his couples beforehand and who just turns up on the night.

If you’d like to meet up for a chat over a coffee, where I can listen to what you want, and I can then give you some options on how I might add to your special day and really make it memorable and fun, please get in touch.