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Would you like to have a DJ battle at your wedding? Bride vs Groom!

Here’s how it works;

The more ‘stuff’ like this, the quicker the evening goes, and it’s also a massive help when it’s really hot to get the guests back and give the evening a bit of an enema!

The Bride tells me 3 tracks and also the Groom does but neither of you know what tracks the other has picked!
I then premix them.
On the night we then present the DJ Battle, whereby the groom starts and takes the DJ Headphones and plays his first track and gets the audience pumped up (I hand out some cards to the audience that they can hold up with slogans such as “Top tune”, “Big Choon Alert” etc.
The bride then takes over and her first track mixes into the grooms first track as she whips up the crowd into a frenzy. The groom takes over for his next track and so on. After each has played 3 tracks each the audience votes for who they preferred and who played the best tunes.

If this is something you’d like to do let me know and we can start working on it. It’s not for everyone though so ignore it if it’s something that doesn’t fit your style(s).

To let me know please fill in the form at this link, which also asks a couple of other questions that provide useful info for me.

One other thing about this; after doing a few of these I have realised it is better to only play a minute or so of each song you choose to make it more exciting, because when the full song is played, which might be as long as long as 5 or 6 minutes, it then means the two of you are behind the DJ Booth for up to 30 minutes and the crowd excitement doesn’t tend to last for that long, so to keep your crowd hyped it’s best to just use a minute or so of each of the 3 songs you both pick.

Here are some poses you can practice on! DJ Battle