Corporate Christmas Parties?


A perfect way to thank your staff or impress your clients is with an experienced international club DJ who can combine the hot club feel for the hipper members of the audience and the more party vibe for those that aren’t into clubbing.

Some of my past corporate clients include BP, Selfridges, Marks & Spencers etc (full list lower down this page).

You want a flawless event? A sure-fire success? I’m here. And what’s more I’ll be happy to share the limelight / coordinate with any other acts or entertainment you’ve got planned at the event.

By the way, I love themes if you are thinking of having a themed event, and if you’re stuck for ideas let me know, as it’s an area I can provide lots of suggestions.

Corporate Christmas Parties

Corporate Christmas Parties


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the annual office knees-up. Your staff look forward to it all year so make it a night to remember (rather than a night they mourn around the water cooler).

There can often be a real divide when it comes to Christmas events; some people love Christmas music while others detest it. If the thought of even a whiff of a Christmas song leaves you feeling frostier than the snowman, I’ll leave my Slade albums at home, if however you love the festive faves then just let me know.

* Further down this page are details of choosing the music for your event


corporate christmas parties

The Music

How to transform your corporate shindig into the party of the year

Corporate events need to make an impact. With massive hits and the perfect atmosphere. If you’re planning an event but don’t know your blues from your Bossa Nova don’t worry because I do. And if your want your cake and to eat it (I’m looking at you event planners who want to create a mood that’s chic, fun, crazy, cool, exclusive, wild and elegant all at the same time), then you’re in luck (and perhaps should go and buy a lottery ticket) because that’s what I do. I live, breathe and eat music. All styles, all genres. I know exactly how to keep your dance floor filled (in the words of Lionel) all night long. You bring the theme(s), I’ll bring the beats.

So contact me and let’s start planning your upcoming event.

Creating the perfect playlist

I help ensure you will love the music I play at your event by following two basic rules:

  1. Before the day, I make sure you have a say in what tracks and genres I play… and don’t play, thanks to my unique playlist service.
  2. On the night, I will keep reading the room, and gauging the mood, and make musical choices to keep the dancefloor alive and packed.

Together it adds up to a mix that should delight you… and your guests.

If you have songs or tracks that you would like played at your event, my “Client Portal” is designed to help make sure you get exactly what you want. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what a particular track, song or artist is called – so I have designed a special DJ play list service to help you find the music you want, and exclude the tracks or music styles you hate!

DJ Playlist Search

To do a Music search through my music collection click here.

Requesting Tracks

If you decide to make a booking with me you will receive a username and password which will enable you to access the “Client Portal” of this website; you can then create your own special request list. You will be able to add tracks and save it at any point up until four days before your actual event.

The entire database comprises of over 60,000 tracks/videos. As long as I am given at least four days notice I can ensure that ANY song listed on the database is with me for your event.

Playlist Length

A word of caution – when searching through this huge collection to create the request list, previously some clients became very excited at the huge choice available and drew up very lengthy request lists of over 70 songs!

It is virtually impossible for a DJ to play such a request list and also makes it very restrictive for the DJ on the night and less able to react to what is happening on the dancefloor if he has to constantly keep looking at a list. Therefore I suggest that you keep your special requests to under 30 or so tracks, and I can then make sure that these are included along with other tracks within your chosen music genres.

How to Use the Playlist Service

When you enter the “Client Portal” you will be able to access various planning forms, one of which is named “Requests”. Under the “Classification” you can add any track you search for to one of 5 classifications:

  • Must Play
  • Play If Possible
  • Dedication
  • Play Only If Requested
  • Do Not Play

Please add songs that have a special meaning to you, to the “Must Play” list.

The “Play If Possible” list is to give me an idea of the types of music you like.

The “Dedication” list is for if you want me to announce that the song is for someone in particular.

Play Only If Requested” means I will not play this track unless one of your guests requests it.

Do Not Play” is for any tracks or styles of music you particularly dislike.*


music requests

There are a few different choices when it comes to the music at your event.

  1. Create the skeleton using playlists, all done in advance through the “client portal”.
  2. Leave it up to me (and trust me I know how to read a room and stoke the fire until it’s white hot).
  3. Throw it open to the floor and let the guests in on the secret (and by secret I mean “Client Portal”) so they can choose a few songs each in advance of the party.
  4. Bring a CD player and a copy of Now That’s What I Call Music.

So a few options. Which means that what you’ll end up with is one hell of a do (unless you plump for d) in which case good luck and I wish you all the best – you’re going to need it when your guests find out).

If you sprinkle the drinks reception and dinner with the right music you’ll set the mood for your event, and a really great one at that. Popular choices include:

RatPack – The best of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and co. Oozes style and sophistication.

Upbeat – The kind of background music that screams partytime. You want to put your guests in the mood to dance, this’ll do it.

Cool Like Dat – Chillout or Café del Mar type tracks for events with a really cool, laid back vibe.

Chulo – Smooth bossa-nova and latino for a chic and vibrant mood.

Mix It Up – A mix of styles perfect for when there’s all sorts of musical tastes and ages under one roof.

On the night requests are always welcome too.


Corporate Clients

You name the place, I’ll be there. My music collection travels well. Here is a taster of some of the clients I have worked with over the past 15 years……

  • Abbey Plcemirates stadium - Arsenal FC
  • ABN-Amro
  • Arsenal Football Club
  • BMG
  • BP
  • BT
  • Bucks Free Press
  • Burtons
  • Channel 4
  • CometBP logo
  • Computer Futures
  • Datapoint
  • Debenhams
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • EBRD
  • Flextech TV
  • Framlingtons
  • Great Ormond St Hospital
  • Guinness
  • Herbert Smith LLP
  • HSBC
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Merril Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Readers Digest
  • Royal Bank of ScotlandMarks & Spencer
  • Selfridges
  • Top Shop
  • Travel Weekly Awards
  • UBS
  • Vaultex

Plus these Event Companies:

  • Elysium
  • Finishing Touch
  • Jelly & Custard
  • JSO
  • Just Planet
  • Millennium Events
  • Mumfords
  • The Christmas Company
  • Theme Traders