I’ve just received a completed evaluation from a client whose wedding I performed at a few weeks ago and it can be seen here. It’s always very useful to receive these to ensure that clients are happy with the service that I’m providing to them or whether any changes need to be made.

However, starting from next week, I’ve enlisted a third party company to contact my former clients for their opinions on my service which can be left anonymously to ensure that they were truly happy with all aspects of the service that I provide. As they are able to leave their thoughts anonymously it should make certain that I receive exactly what they thought and hopefully the company will be able to find out if even the smallest details are not quite what they should be.

My website has over 200 testimonials from former clients on the service that I provided, which can be viewed here and a full list of all of the evaluations forms submitted by previous clients in the past 2 years can be viewed here: