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Music Information Your wedding like the very best parties will have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups, music tastes and cultures. As a wedding DJ in the London area for over 20 years I have a huge range of music covering an enormous range of genres and eras. Looking for music with a more international flavour for your wedding? I’ve got that covered too.

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Song Suggestions for Throwing the Bouquet


Song Suggestions for Throwing the Bouquet A lot of brides-to-be have asked for advice on Song Suggestions for [...]

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Music for Cutting of the Wedding Cake


Cutting of the Wedding Cake At far too many weddings the cutting of the wedding cake is over [...]

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Wedding First Dance Songs


Wedding First Dance Songs The first dance at a wedding is a very special moment for the couple, [...]

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The Urbane International Wedding DJ


International wedding DJ Over the last 20 years I have DJed at weddings in various countries around the [...]

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Guest Requests


The guest request system that I have in place has proved very popular with many clients. When a [...]

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