At hundreds of weddings they have asked me to also play background music during the wedding breakfast. Yet at so many of those weddings, no matter where in the room I was setup, how frequently the oldest guests so often were seated closest to my speakers!background music and your seating plan

Something to consider when creating your seating plan. If you are having a DJ, or a musician etc playing background music during your wedding breakfast, try not to have any elderly people sat close to the speakers.

The elderly are often more sensitive to volume levels, resulting in the music volume being turned down very low so it does not disturb them. However, this means that people seated on the opposite side of the room often cannot hear the music, because the volume is so low, and often it is the head table that is the other side of the room, meaning they aren’t able to hear the background music.

If this is of concern, when creating your seating plan for your wedding try to seat any elderly people as far from loudspeakers or musicians as possible, so they are happier, and everyone else can hear the music.

An alternative solution, which is a little more costly, is that the DJ/musician sets up an additional speaker(s) on the other side of the room (space permitting). But if you would rather that were not cables going across the room, it then requires a wireless sender/receiver system, to connect the main setup, to the speaker on the opposite side of the room, which is one reason that this option can prove a little more expensive. It means that the music can be heard more evenly around the room, which is preferable especially in larger rooms, and means a lower overall volume.background music and your seating plan