How to Avoid Wedding Planning StressHow to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

While planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, it is also a notoriously stressful task – and can cause many arguments between friends, family members and the bride and groom-to-be. One episode of BBC Three’s Don’t Tell the Bride is enough to realise the scale of the anxiety involved, but there are ways to ensure you are not a slave to stress while planning your big day!

So, why is wedding planning so stressful? To start, there’s the weight of expectations. Women often admit they have dreamed of their wedding day since they were a little girl. And this idea of the perfect wedding is not exclusive to females: many men have a very clear picture of how they would like the day to pan out, too. The question of how you will get from A to B: your engagement to the picture-perfect wedding day, is where the stress comes in. Who will provide our wedding entertainment? Which caterers should we choose? How long should the guest list be? And crucially, can we afford it?! At every turn, there is an opportunity to get stressed – unless you take some steps to minimise your anxiety levels.

1. Shake off your expectations

The first step in removing the stress from your wedding planning is to shake off your expectations. You may have imagined quiet, candle-lit evenings flicking through wedding magazines with your other half, but in reality things won’t always be quite so perfect. Admit to yourself now that, although this is a romantic time of your life, it doesn’t have to pan out like the movies.

2. Play to your interests

While the wedding flowers may be high on your to-do list, your fiance may not meet florals with quite the same enthusiasm. This need not be a bad thing and by playing to your interests, you can divide the stress levels. Assign planning tasks to one another according to what you feel is important and concentrate solely on the bits of your wedding day that you really care about. If the groom-to-be feels that music will make-or-break the wedding, let him begin the researching process. If the bride wants to be in charge of table centrepieces, let her embrace this area of the planning.

3. Divide your budgetHow to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

Financial worries are a major cause of wedding stress, but it is better to face up to your budget sooner rather than later to avoid overspending. Once you know your budget, divide it into sub-categories including venue hire, entertainment, catering and outfits. Build in a small contingency to each, and if spending exceeds your budget in one particular area, make amendments to each of the other budgets immediately.

4. Talk!

Pent-up stress is not good for anyone. If you are feeling anxious, talk to your other half, your friends or family without hesitation. By discussing your worries, you can lift a weight from your shoulders and talk through a solution rather than building small issues into problems of epic proportions.

Are you going through the wedding planning process? How are you keeping stress levels to a minimum?