The Alternative Christmas Party, for Companies Who Think Differently Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

But for many people, the festive season can bring with it a sense of déjà vu – particularly when it comes to the annual work’s Christmas do. If you’ve been charged with organising the office party this year, you don’t have to take the traditional route. If you can’t bear to hear yet another rendition of Fairytale of New York, here’s how to do things a little bit differently by planning the alternative Christmas party.xmas party

1. Don’t succumb to the turkey

At this time of year, restaurants are plugging their Christmas menus in a bid to book up their office party slots. For something a little different, look out for a venue that doesn’t dish up the usual turkey and trimmings. Instead, opt for an alternative array of food (perhaps tapas, sushi or Indian street food), without a sprout or stuffing ball in sight.

2. Be imaginative

Most office Christmas parties follow the same old meal and drinks format. For an alternative experience, step out of the metaphorical box and organise something that will go down in the company history books. Try hiring a cheap hall, renting some games (ping pong anyone?) and transforming the space with some quirky decor. Enlist the help of some colleagues, and get creative: you’ll be surprised how far even the smallest of budgets can stretch with a thrifty approach.

3. Prioritise a sense of fun

Christmas parties are all about letting your hair down and enjoying some much needed fun with your colleagues. If there is one activity set to unite everyone, it’s dancing. After a few mulled wines, nothing is more entertaining than watching the boss attempting to moonwalk, so make sure no-one is left on the sidelines by investing in a good DJ. They will listen to your wishes (even at Christmastime, you don’t have to listen to Mariah Carey), while taking requests and reading the crowd.

4. Set a fancy dress theme

Love it or hate it, fancy dress is a great way to break down a sense of hierarchy in the workplace – resulting in a wonderful party atmosphere. But just because it’s the Christmas party, you don’t need to take the obvious approach. Instead asking everyone to dress as elves, set an open-ended theme such as ‘things beginning with the letter C’ or ‘red, green and gold’.

5. Give backxmas 2

Instead of the usual Secret Santa, encourage your staff to put their money and efforts into a more worthwhile cause. Ask the office to vote on a few options – perhaps giving their time to a soup kitchen, taking the afternoon off to work on a community project, or buying ‘virtual gifts’ for those in need. Before the drinks begin to flow too freely, remind everyone of the difference they have made to the lives of others.

To find how a DJ can contribute to your alternative Christmas party, please get in touch!