The main aim of most couples is to make their wedding as much fun as possible. After-all, the more fun you have the more you will remember it fondly, and when you’re laying out the equivalent to the deposit on a house for your wedding day, you want everyone that comes to remember what a great time they had at your wedding day!

But sometimes it’s the guests that lay on the fun and surprise the couple in a way they weren’t expecting. At a wedding I did late last year the bride had a major surprise when her favourite cousin showed up at the Ceremony, the reason being, that this cousin lived in New Zealand, and she had told the bride that she just wouldn’t be able to make it over, so although the bride was disappointed, she naturally wasn’t expecting to see her, so the look on her face on the day was incredible! (The brides mum was in on the surprise and had arranged an additional seat at the wedding breakfast!)

There was also the famous story from last year ago at a wedding in Manchester, when the Queen arrived at Manchester Town Hall as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, while the wedding ceremony was in progress, and gave her congratulations to the newly married couple at the end of the ceremony.

Have you ever seen the bride and groom receive a welcome surprise at a wedding?