6 DIY Wedding Ideas

For those who follow the many evolving trends of Etsy and Weddinggawker, you will already be aware that do-it-yourself weddings are the new big thing. From handcrafted silk flowers to homespun comic cake toppers, the possibilities are just endless! For craft-loving couples who enjoy nothing more than getting their hands dirty and seeing their creations come to life, here are 6 DIY wedding ideas to add a splash of personality to your big day.

The invitationsWedding Invitations

While beautifully hand-crafted wedding invitations from specialist design companies seem a good idea, they are likely to dent your wedding savings fund. Designing and making your own invitations will allow you to announce your big day in style, and at a fraction of the cost. If your wedding is themed, utilise your invitations to give your guests a sneak preview. Let your creativity flow and be sure to experiment with collage, photography, typography and colour.

The cake topperCake Topper

Arguably one of the most unique parts of a wedding, your cake topper or decor can speak volumes about your relationship and personalities. Traditionally a depiction of the bride and groom, this 1950’s American custom took the scene by storm and is now becoming more diverse and quirky. Today, cake toppers take many forms, including cute animals, personalised lego characters, wacky robots, and even comic heroes. Crafting your own cake toppers and decor is a fun and simple, and will certainly entertain your guests.

The bouquet

With many couples breaking away from traditional white weddings, colours and flowers are adapting and developing too. While fresh flowers are usually favoured, creating your own DIY bouquet will not only ensure you craft it to your precise specification, but will also give you (or whoever catches the bouquet) a lasting memory of your special day. Silk, felt, buttons, paper, and vintage fabrics are popular choices for DIY bouquets.

Wedding favours

The price of purchasing favours or gifts for your guests can quickly mount, especially if you have a large attendance. If your budget is thinning, fear not – you can easily produce gifts for your guests yourself! Producing large batches of luxuriously liquored fudge or mini cupcakes are quick and cost-effective, and will no doubt surprise your guests and tickle their taste buds.

Buntingwedding bunting

A simple and novel way of decorating, bunting can add the finishing touches to any wedding venue. Simple and fast to assemble, this is one that friends and family can help with too. With the revival of 50’s vintage, florals, polka dots, and plenty of colour have become strong contenders for DIY bunting. Experiment with mixing colours and patterns to suit your wedding theme, and enlist your troops for a serious bunting-making session.


Party playlist

A must for any wedding, crafting your own party playlist is an effective way to put your stamp on the day while ensuring your guests have a good time. Take a look at our recent blog, The First Dance, for inspiration, and get in touch for further assistance on creating the perfect party playlist.